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University of California, Santa Cruz

CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow Position Description: Digital Humanities Specialist

The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) Library offers a two-year CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship in Academic Libraries supporting digital humanities scholarship, investigating emerging collaborative research practices and developing a pilot infrastructure to support this research. To this end, the University Library seeks an energetic and creative postdoctoral fellow who will demonstrate innovative thinking and a proactive approach to supporting teaching, learning, and scholarship in the digital humanities. We seek an individual who will be an active participant in collaborative projects and an enthusiastic leader for programs that will shape the future of digital humanities and academic library services. The postdoctoral fellow will report to the Associate University Librarian for Collections and Library Information Services in close collaboration with faculty in the Humanities Division.

The Digital Humanities Specialist (DHS) will have an opportunity to help build a community around digital humanities scholarship at the University of California, Santa Cruz at a time when practice is emerging on campus. The postdoctoral fellow will work closely with scholars—faculty and students—and those in support units across multiple divisions and organizations in order to accomplish this. This individual will play a key role in translating ideas and concepts between diverse audiences and leading collaborations of diverse individuals, providing workshops that help faculty incorporate training for digital scholarship into existing graduate programs, helping to formulate and facilitate graduate research in the digital humanities. The DHS will work as part of a team of librarian experts in digital initiatives, metadata, special collections and humanities faculty and graduate students.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct an environmental scan of tools and workflows employed by faculty and graduate students, supporting online collaborative research practices.
  • Lead faculty and staff across divisions in discussions to propose a training model for students in Engineering/Gaming and Humanities to collaborate in the planning, implementation and testing of tools and workflows supporting online collaborative research.
  • Assist with defining roles for the University of California, Santa Cruz Library within this collaborative research curriculum for the digital humanities, including the exploration of roles related to support the curation and preservation of collaborative research products.
  • Conduct proactive outreach to scholars, students and faculty, in digital humanities.
  • Cultivate relationships on campus, regionally, and nationally/internationally to build and sustain robust support systems.
  • Develop and conduct inter-disciplinary digital humanities workshops.

Required Qualifications

  • PhD in a humanities or social sciences discipline
  • Familiar with a range of digital humanities approaches, and proficiency with a particular set of tools or practices such as visualization, image analysis or GIS
  • Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with colleagues in a collaborative and distributed service environment
  • Demonstrated creativity, initiative, self-direction, and innovative thinking


  • Experience deploying digital humanities tools/methodologies in his or her own research
  • Experience with project planning or consultative services
  • Experience with teaching/instruction in higher education
  • Project management experience
  • Assessment experience
  • Demonstrated involvement in professional activities, including presentations and publications