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pub99. Selection and Presentation of Commercially Available Electronic Resources: Issues and Practices
Timothy D. Jewell
(7/01, 61 pp.) $20
ISBN 1-887334-84-X

Author Timothy D. Jewell, head of collection management services at the University of Washington, provides an in-depth look at how several research libraries select, license, present, and support the use of commercial online materials. Uncovering a variety of practices, he identifies those that are proving to be most effective integrating commercial online materials into library collections. He includes a decision tool that emphasizes and supports strategic planning, and encourages careful consideration of how libraries' functions and professional staff are organized. He also supplies a reference tool, citing working papers and operational guidelines that libraries rely on but rarely "publish." Finally, the author frames an important and practical development agenda by encouraging libraries to collaborate in designing information systems capable of organizing the detailed and often dynamic information they need to maintain about their commercial holdings.

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