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Contact: Kathlin Smith

Kathleen Fear Awarded 2011 Zipf Fellowship

Washington, DC, May 24, 2011-Kathleen Fear, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Information at the University of Michigan, has been selected to receive the A. R. Zipf Fellowship in Information Management for 2011. She holds a bachelor’s in physics from Yale University and a master’s in information, with a specialization in the preservation of information, from the University of Michigan.

Fear’s research focuses on how scientific data can best be preserved, managed, and accessed. Recently, she conducted a major study with co-PI Devan Donaldson exploring the use of provenance metadata in the ProteomeCommons repository, a major data archive for proteomics research. Her study found that “proteomics researchers rely on far more information than just the available metadata when finding and evaluating data for reuse: the repository structure itself was an important source of information, particularly the contextualization provided by linking datasets to the papers they were associated with.”

Named in honor of A. R. Zipf, a pioneer in information management systems, the $10,000 fellowship is awarded annually to a student who is enrolled in graduate school in the early stages of study and shows exceptional promise for leadership and technical achievement in information management. For more information and a list of previous fellowship recipients, visit