Past Education Program Dates

CLIR offers regular in-person and virtual professional development and educational opportunities to fellows, as well as formal and informal mentorship opportunities. Below is a list of past educational opportunities.


  • August 9-13: CLIR Camp 2021
  • June 23: Supervisors’ Session on planning for a fellow’s departure
  • June 22: 2019 Cohort Final Monthly Session
  • May 25: Communication, Managing Barriers, and Navigating Conflicts
  • April 27: Marketability and Building an Online Portfolio
  • April 20: Inquiry Group Formation
  • March 31: Supervisors’ Session on strategies for communication and giving/getting feedback
  • March 23: Career Exploration Panel
  • March 15-26: Fellows attended the virtual Spring CNI Membership Meeting
  • February 23: Career Exploration Panel
  • January 27: Life Design – Networking and Informational Interviews
  • January 12: Data Management and Data Life Cycle w/ Emily Beagle


  • December 17: 2019 CLIR Cohort December 2020 Session
  • December 16: 2019-2020 Quarterly Supervisor Sync Session
  • December 12: The Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap for Digital Humanities Projects w/ Alison Langmead
  • November 11: 2019 CLIR Cohort Telling Your Story Workshop
  • November 10-December 15: CNI Fall 2020 Virtual Membership Meeting
  • November 9-13: DLF Forum 2020
  • October 29: Data Curation Education Fund Information Session
  • October 27: 2020 CLIR Cohort October Session on Project Management
  • October 20: 2019 CLIR Cohort Planning Session
  • September 30: 2019-2020 Quarterly Supervisor Sync Session
  • September 29: New Faculty Meet and Greet
  • September 3: Reflective Practice w/ Amanda Leftwich
  • July 27-31 and August 12: 2020 CLIR Cohort Summer Seminar
  • May 13: 2018 Cohort Projects Session
  • April 27: 2019-2020 Quarterly Supervisor Sync Session
  • April 20: 2019 CLIR Cohort Spring Session 1
  • April 8: 2018 Cohort Inquiry Group Share Out Sync Session
  • March 30-May 30: CNI Spring 2020 Virtual Membership Meeting
  • March 30: 2019 CLIR Cohort Spring Session 1
  • February 26: Becca, Hadassah, and Christa for planning this new sync session on grants
  • January 29: Career Planning, with alumni Eric Kaltman, Jessica Otis, Martin Tsang, and Lauren Coats
  • January 27:  2019-2020 Quarterly Supervisor Sync Session
  • January 6: 2019 CLIR Cohort Check-in
  • January 7: 2018 CLIR Cohort Check-in


  • November 18: Remote Sensing Sync Session with Jessica Trelogan, led by the 2018 CLIR Cohort Satellite Imagery/Remote Sensing Inquiry Group
  • November 18:  The Book Proposal Process with Elizabeth Ault and Marcia Chatelain
  • October 24: Check-in for new fellows Synchronous Session
  • October 4: 2019-2020 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Mentorship Pilot Introductory Synchronous Session
  • September 30: Synchronous Session on Project Management featuring Trevor Muñoz, led by Kevin Winstead
  • September 25: CLIR Postdoctoral Data Curation Education Fund Information Synchronous Session
  • August 27: Synchronous Session on 2018 fellows’ Inquiry Groups
  • July 28 – August 3: Summer seminar for 2019 fellows
  • June 11: Orientation Synchronous Session for new 2019 fellows
  • May 17: Synchronous Session on 2018 fellows’ Inquiry Groups
  • May 8: Synchronous Session on 2017 fellowship projects
  • April 8-10: CNI Spring Membership meeting for all 2018 postdoctoral fellows in St. Louis, Missouri
  • April 3: Synchronous Session on 2017 fellows’ Inquiry Groups
  • March 20: Synchronous Session on microgrants featuring Alex Galarza and Lorena Gauthereau
  • March 6: Synchronous Session on Career Advice and Planning featuring Fenella France and Kyle Parry
  • February 6: Synchronous Session featuring fellows’ ‘Elevator Pitch’ videos with Austin Booth, David Gift, and Daniel Reid as reviewers and commentators
  • January 23: Synchronous Session on 2018-2020 fellowship projects


  • November 15: Synchronous Session on Time and Supervisor Management, featuring Marta Brunner and Kelly Miller
  • October 14-17: Mid-Year Meeting 2017 fellows/Digital Library Federation Forum, Las Vegas, NV
  • October 3: Synchronous Session on 2017 fellows’ Inquiry Groups
  • September 26: Synchronous Session on Project Management, featuring Eric Kaltman and Emily Sherwood
  • July 29-August 4: Summer seminar for 2018 fellows
  • June 11: Synchronous Session. Orientation for new 2018 fellows
  • May 23: Synchronous Session on 2016-2018 fellowship projects
  • April 11-13: CNI Spring Membership meeting for all 2017 postdoctoral fellows in San Diego, CA
  • April 5: Synchronous Session on fellows’ Inquiry Groups
  • March 29: Synchronous Session featuring fellows’ ‘Elevator Pitch’ videos with Austin Booth, Dave Gift, and Daniel Reid as reviewers and commentators
  • February 27: Synchronous Session on Career Planning featuring Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Sharon Ivy Weiss, and Jodi Reeves Eyre
  • February 21: Synchronous Session on microgrants featuring Zack Lischer-Katz and Heather Wacha
  • January 24: Synchronous Session on Intellectual Property and Copyright featuring Sharon Farb
  • January 18: Synchronous Session on Preparing for the Library Job Search, featuring Emily Sherwood


  • December 12: Synchronous Session on Supervisors and Time Management, featuring Kelly Miller and Rachel Deblinger
  • November 16: Synchronous Session on Interviewing Tips for Tenure Track Jobs, featuring Meg Norcia
  • October 31: Synchronous Session on Teaching a Workshop featuring Katie Rawson, led by Jennifer Grayburn
  • October 22-25: Mid-Year Meeting 2016 Fellows/Digital Library Federation Forum, Pittsburgh, PA
  • September 27: Synchronous Session on Project Management featuring Liz Grumbach, led by Hannah Alpert-Abrams
  • September 14: Synchronous Session on Inquiry Groups for 2016 fellows
  • August 2: Synchronous Session on the Maintainers research network featuring Andrew Russell and Lee Vinsel
  • July 23-29: Summer seminar for new fellows
  • June 21: Synchronous Session. Orientation for new 2017 fellows
  • May 4: Synchronous Session. Webinar on preserving 3D digital artifacts featuring panelists Zack Lischer-Katz, Ed Triplett, and Wayne Graham, led by Kristy Golubiewski-Davis
  • April 2-4: Mid-Year Meeting/CNI Membership Meeting, Albuquerque, NM
  • March 21: Synchronous Session. Webinar on project management featuring Kieran Healy, led by Jacob Levernier
  • March 15: Synchronous Session: “Legal Issues and Risk Management Strategies for Archival Digitization projects,” featuring Chris Bavitz, Brandon Butler, and Jessica Meyerson
  • February 22: Synchronous Session. Webinar on microgrants featuring Tamsyn Rose-Steel and Philip Palmer
  • February 16: Synchronous Session. Webinar on computational skills and practices for humanists featuring James Pennebaker, led by Elizabeth Parke
  • January 18: Synchronous Session. Webinar featuring fellows’ ‘Elevator Pitch’ videos with Brett Bobley, Austin Booth, Lauren Coats, Dave Gift, Elliott Shore, and Christa Wiliford as reviewers and commentators
  • January 5: Synchronous Session. Webinar featuring David Brock and Hansen Hsu of the Computer History Museum’s Center for Software History


  • December 13: Synchronous Session featuring Amelia Acker of the University of Texas iSchool and Jessica Meyerson of the Software Preservation Network.
  • December 7: Synchronous Session. Check-in for continuing fellows with Elliott Shore.
  • December 6: Synchronous Session. Check-in for new fellows with Elliott Shore and Lauren Coats.
  • November 15: Synchronous Session: “Dryad Digital Repository”, featuring Elizabeth Hull, led by Mason Scott Thompson and Paul Broyles.
  • November 6-9: Winter Meeting / Digital Library Federation Forum, Milwaukee, WI
  • October 24: Synchronous Session. Open-mic session featuring Clifford Lynch of CNI, led by Elliott Shore.
  • September 23: Synchronous Session. Check-in for new and continuing fellows with Lauren Coats followed by a presentation on “Faculty Interview Pilot”, featuring postdoctoral fellow Martin Tsang (University of Miami).
  • July 24-31: Summer seminar for new fellows
  • June 23: Synchronous Session. “Project Management”, featuring CLIR Technical Director Wayne Graham.
  • June 22: Synchronous Session. Orientation webinar for new 2016 fellows.
  • May 25: Synchronous Session: Check-in for 2014-2016 fellows with Lauren Coats and Elliott Shore,
  • April 13: Synchronous Session: “Interview with Chuck Humphrey, Director of the CARL Portage Network”, led by Todd Suomela.
  • April 3-5: Mid-Year Meeting / CNI Membership Meeting, San Antonio, TX
  • March 16: Synchronous Session: “Digital Humanities Centers”, featuring Miriam Posner, led by Carrie Johnston.
  • February 17: Synchronous Session: “Media Ecology Project: Online Access for Scholars Adds Value to Media Archives”, featuring Mark Williams and John Bell, led by Melissa Dinsman.
  • January 27: Synchronous Session. “Data Infrastructure and Sustainability”, featuring Fran Berman, led by Chreston Miller and Fernando Rios.


  • December 1: Synchronous Session.”Universal Access to All Knowledge”, featuring Brewster Kahle, led by Dimitrios Latsis.
  • November 16: Synchronous Session. Check-in for new fellows with Lauren Coats and Elliott Shore.
  • October 25-28: Winter Meeting / Digital Library Federation Forum, Vancouver, BC
  • October 12: Synchronous Session. “Topic Modeling”, featuring Micki Kaufman, led by Ed Triplett.
  • September 16: Synchronous Session. Webinar with DLF Director Bethany Nowviskie, led by Lindsay Van Tine.
  • July 26-August 2: Summer seminar for new fellows.
  • June 15: Synchronous Session. Orientation webinar for new 2015 fellows.
  • May 26: Synchronous Session. 2013-2015 fellows showcase of project work.
  • April 30: Synchronous Session. “IMLS National Digital Platform,” featuring Trevor Owens, led by Alice Bishop.
  • March 17: Synchronous Session.”Omeka: Visualizing Digital Collections,” featuring Alexandra Bolintineanu and Will Cowan, led by Emily McGinn and Meridith Beck Sayre.
  • February 11: Synchronous Session. “Data Management and Linked Open Data,” featuring Karl Benedict and Plato Smith, led by Plato Smith.
  • January 27: Synchronous Session. “Professional Branding and Marketing,” featuring Amanda French and Hannah Rasmussen, led by Elliott Shore.


  • December 7-11: Winter Meeting / CNI Membership Meeting, Washington, DC
  • November 13: Synchronous Session. “Managing Digital Projects,” featuring Trevor Muñoz, led by Rachel Deblinger.
  • October 25-29: Winter Meeting / Digital Library Federation Forum, Atlanta, GA
  • October 23: Synchronous Session. “Copyright and IP,” featuring Sharon Farb, led by Tim Norris and Stephanie Simms.
  • September 24: Synchronous Session. Check-in for new fellows with Lauren Coats and Elliott Shore.
  • July 28-August 5: Summer Seminar for new fellows.
  • June 24: Synchronous Session. “CLIR as a College,” featuring Charles Henry, led by Tamsyn Rose-Steel.
  • May 29: Synchronous Session. “Personal Marketing and Job Seeking Strategies,” featuring Elliott Shore and Hannah Rasmussen.
  • April 25: Synchronous Session. “Fellowship Updates,” featuring all current fellows, led by Rita Van Duinen and Christa Williford.
  • March 14: Synchronous Session. “The Digital Public Library of America,” featuring Dan Cohen, led by Justin Schell.
  • February 17: Synchronous Session. “Dataverse/Data Centers,” featuring Jon Crabtree, led by Colleen Strawhacker.
  • January 24: Synchronous Session. “Born Digital Archives,” featuring Dawn Schmitz, led by Amy Chen and Jodi Flores.


  • December 7-11: Winter Meeting / CNI Membership Meeting, Washington, DC.
  • November 25: Synchronous Session. “Project Management,” featuring Delphine Khanna and Matt Shoemaker, led by Hannah Rasmussen.
  • October 21: Synchronous Session. “Bridging the Library/Faculty Divide,” featuring Kelly Miller and Gabrielle Dean, led by John Kratz and Bridget Whearty.
  • September 20:  Synchronous Session.Check-in for new fellows with Lauren Coats and Elliott Shore.
  • August 1: Summer seminar sessions for supervisors of new fellows (pdf).
  • July 28-August 6: Summer seminar for new fellows (pdf).
  • May 14: Synchronous session on environmental sciences data curation featuring Carly Strasser. Hosted by Ting Wang.
  • April 16: Synchronous session on linked data featuring Jon Voss. Hosted by Inna Kouper.
  • March 27: Synchronous session featuring Michael Eisen. Hosted by Vessela Ensberg.
  • February 7: Synchronous session. “Re-visiting Open Access from a Policy, Data, and Publishing Perspective,” featuring Spencer Keralis, University of North Texas, and Patricia Hswe, Penn State University. Hosted by Natsuko Nicholls.
  • January 7-10: Postdoctoral Fellowship Winter Meeting at the University of California, Los Angeles.


  • December 19: Synchronous session on management of geographic data featuring Michael Goodchild, UCSB. Hosted by Dewayne Branch.
  • November 19: Synchronous session on the history of social science data management featuring Wendy Thomas, University of Minnesota. Hosted by Brock Dubbels.
  • October 25: Synchronous session on research and research tools in the digital humanities featuring Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University. Hosted by Matt Lavin and Jennifer Parrott.
  • September 19: Synchronous session for new fellows only–fellows’ progress reports.
  • July 22-August 3: Summer seminar for 2012 fellows.
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