Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers recent Ph.D. graduates the chance to develop research tools, resources, and services while exploring new career opportunities. CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows work on projects that forge and strengthen connections among collections, educational technologies, and current research. Host institutions benefit from fellows’ field-specific expertise by gaining insights into their collections’ potential uses and users, scholarly information behaviors, and current teaching and learning practices. CLIR solicits and facilitates the host and fellowship application processes. Fellows are then hired directly by host institutions.

Core Goals


To build leadership capacity for libraries and higher education through establishing cohort unity, community building, and mutual support


To broaden awareness of financial, technical, professional, and social changes in higher education in libraries and the academy

Changing Roles

To understand the changing roles of libraries, campus IT, and other research support units through direct, sustained contact with on-the-ground change

Emerging Scholars

To introduce new scholars to language and culture related to libraries and information science, with a special focus on research data curation/data management

Relevant Resources

To provide fellows with relevant resources for further study, so that each can begin to build careers as effective “change agents” in higher education or allied domains



Host Institutions


Postdocs in the US


Postdocs in Canada and Overseas