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pub89. Enduring Paradigm, New Opportunities: The Value of the Archival Perspective in the Digital Environment
Anne J. Gilliland-Swetland
(2/00, 43pp) $15
ISBN 1-887334-74-2

This report examines how the archival perspective can be useful in addressing problems faced by those who design, manage, disseminate, and preserve digital information.

For years, archivists have grappled with many of the issues that are gaining broad attention in the digital environment. Since the 1960s, the archival community has worked closely with creators of records and record-keeping systems to develop means to identify and preserve digital records that have no paper counterpart. Emerging dialog about how to define and ensure authenticity in digital objects can also benefit from the archivist's perspective. Archival institutions serve an important legal function in society, and concern for retaining the evidential value of records has placed the archival community at the forefront of research and development in digital authentication.

The author reviews several recent and ongoing projects in which the archival community has provided leadership in setting the agenda or integrating the archival perspective.

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