COVID (Re)Collections

COVID (Re)Collections is a series from CLIR exploring responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by the library, cultural heritage, and information community. By collecting these stories, we hope to further the conversation on how our field is responding to this historic challenge and offer a platform to process, share, and remember these experiences—to help us support each other as we collectively adapt, grieve, and regrow.

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Looking Back to Look Ahead

An abridged conversation with Andrew White, Caleb T. Winchester University Librarian at Wesleyan University. Nicole Kang Ferraiolo, CLIR’s director of global strategic initiatives, interviewed White.

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Out of the Ashes

An abridged conversation with Sharon Burney, program officer for CLIR’s grant programs and host of the forthcoming season of the Material Memory podcast, focused on


Cutting Cost by Cutting Collections in COVID-19

Lindsay Cronk is head of collection strategies and scholarly communication at the University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries.     I’m Lindsay Cronk, a collection


Archival Workers Emergency Fund

An Interview with Jessica Chapel and Lydia Tang In this post, CLIR Director of Global Strategic Initiatives Nicole Kang Ferraiolo interviews Jessica Chapel and Lydia

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Information: Easing our Burdens

—By Sohair Wastawy In my social and physical isolation my mind has been wandering to a time when I was 13 years old, in Egypt.

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