CLIR Publications

thumbnail of CLIR-pub175CLIR publishes newsletters, reports, and other occasional items, driven by our research agenda and community interest. Thanks in part to the support of our sponsors, the full text of most of our publications is available to download, for free, on this website.


Reports are published throughout the year on topics relating to digital libraries, economics of information, long-term access to information, and the future of the library and its leadership.

CLIR Issues, published bimonthly in a newsletter format, covers topics relevant to CLIR’s agenda.

An Annual Report, summarizing CLIR’s activities and financial status for the previous fiscal year, is published each fall.

Other Resources provides information about films, articles and presentations, a preservation tutorial, and links to relevant organizations.

Archives provide copies of discontinued publications.


Suggestions for topics and requests for reproduction of material on this site should be submitted to the Director of Communications. Unless otherwise noted, publications are copyrighted by CLIR.