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CLIR and DLF Initiate Program for Distinguished Fellows


For Immediate Release May 24, 2000

Contact: Deanna Marcum 202-939-4750 or
Daniel Greenstein 202-939-4762

CLIR and DLF Initiate Program for Distinguished Fellows

Washington, D.C.—The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and the Digital Library Federation (DLF) are pleased to announce a new opportunity for librarians, archivists, information technologists, and scholars to pursue their professional development and research interests as Distinguished Fellows.

The CLIR/DLF Program for Distinguished Fellows is open to individuals who have achieved a high level of professional distinction in their fields and who are working in areas of interest to CLIR or the DLF. Unlike other fellowship programs that provide subventions for individual research, the Distinguished Fellows program is aimed at identifying potential partners for the CLIR/DLF agenda.

CLIR’s current interests are to promote enduring access to resources for scholarship, raise preservation awareness, foster leadership in information management, address issues in the economics of information, and support the development of digital libraries. CLIR is concerned with both the domestic and international dimensions of each area. The DLF is broadly interested in research, development, and other activities that promise to inform the development, maintenance, and use of high-quality digital library collections and services. More information on the initiatives of CLIR and the DLF can be found at

The Fellowships, available for periods of between three and twelve months, are ideal for senior professionals with a well-developed personal research agenda who will benefit significantly from time away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Although Distinguished Fellows will not be required to relocate to Washington, D.C., during their tenure, the Fellows will be expected to take part in program planning sessions and to cooperate with CLIR staff on existing projects, in addition to working on their own projects.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to write a letter to Deanna Marcum, president of CLIR, or Daniel Greenstein, director of DLF, addressing the following questions:

  1. What work would you carry out during your tenure as Fellow?
  2. How would your work contribute to that of CLIR or the DLF?
  3. For what period of time do you request the Fellowship?
  4. What level of funding is required for you to undertake the Fellowship?
  5. What is the likely outcome or product of the Fellowship?

In addition, a resume and a sample of previous work should be enclosed.

Individuals will be selected on the basis of available funding and the match between their research interests and the needs of CLIR or the DLF. One to three fellowships will be offered each year.

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