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Michael Keller Appointed CLIR Senior Presidential Fellow

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Michael Keller
CLIR Fellow

CLIR Press Releases

For Immediate Release: July 24, 2007

Kathlin Smith

Michael Keller Appointed CLIR Senior Presidential Fellow

Washington, D.C.—The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Keller of Stanford University as CLIR Senior Presidential Fellow. Mr. Keller is university librarian, director of academic information resources, founder and publisher of HighWire Press, and publisher of the Stanford University Press.

During the two-year appointment, which begins August 1, Mr. Keller will undertake a series of studies and reports for CLIR publication. His research will include examining the recommendations of recent cyberinfrastructure reports and exploring how our communities can respond to the complex environment these reports envision, including the role and function of institutional repositories, digital archives, and digital libraries. He will also compose white papers that elucidate new and emerging research methodologies, new models of scholarly publishing, the role of supercomputer centers in the evolving concept of cyberinfrastructure, and topics specific to rethinking aspects of libraries and academic life. During his tenure as fellow, he will continue to work from Stanford.

“Mike has been at the forefront of innovation and the thoughtful evolution of libraries, publishing, and knowledge management,” said Charles Henry, president of CLIR, when announcing Mr. Keller’s appointment. “More recently, he has been an integral driver in the Google book project, which has the potential to transform teaching and research in our lifetime. Under his watch, LOCKSS and the prototype of CLOCKSS have also been developed and deployed, as has the Stanford Digital Repository. The timing of Mike’s appointment, the interests of CLIR’s constituencies, and Mike’s research focus could not be better aligned.”

Deanna Marcum, associate librarian for library services at the Library of Congress and a former president of CLIR, said “In so many areas of librarianship, Stanford University Libraries has been at the forefront. I am delighted to learn that Mike Keller’s creative and innovative thinking will be distilled in CLIR’s research reports. His appointment as a Senior Presidential Fellow is a terrific marriage of a leading librarian and an innovative organization. The entire library community will benefit.”

“This position with CLIR will allow me to focus on some generic issues involving the exploitation of information technology in service to scholarship and teaching, with emphasis on service to the academy,” said Mr. Keller. “I am hopelessly optimistic about the potential for evolution of the professions, our organizations, and our sense of stewardship, but that optimism is based on the profoundly powerful interchanges among academic leaders, scholars, information technologists of many stripes, and many cybrary/library specialists. It is time to think strategically first and then re-engineer our tactics in order to take advantage of opportunities confronting us. CLIR’s leadership in confronting these matters will be crucial, I believe.”

CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand access to information, however recorded and preserved, as a public good. Through publications, projects, and programs, CLIR works to maintain and improve access to information for generations to come. In partnership with other institutions, CLIR helps create services that expand the concept of “library” and supports the providers and preservers of information. Details about CLIR and its work are available at

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