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2012 Mellon Dissertation Fellows Named

Contact: Kathlin Smith

2012 Mellon Dissertation Fellows Named

Washington, DC, April 9, 2012-Seventeen graduate students have been selected to receive awards this year under the Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources, which CLIR administers.

The fellowships are intended to help graduate students in the humanities and related social science fields pursue research wherever relevant sources are available; gain skill and creativity in using primary source materials in libraries, archives, museums, and related repositories; and provide suggestions to CLIR about how such source materials can be made more accessible and useful.

The fellowships carry stipends of up to $25,000 each to support dissertation research for periods of up to 12 months.

Elise Bonner
Princeton University
Sonic Culture and the Geographic Imagination: Italian Opera at Catherine II’s Court

Adam Boss
Brown University
Outsiders: The Limits of Urban Community in Late-Medieval France

William Brown
Johns Hopkins University
Les administrateurs de l’empire: Ambition, Expansion, and Mobility in the First French Empire, 1661-1715

Rebecca Herman
University of California, Berkeley
Strategies Under Construction: Collaboration and Dissent at Pan Am’s World War II Airbase Development Sites in Cuba and Brazil, 1940-1961

Thomas Hooker
Harvard University
Friendship and Communism in Soviet Russia, 1921-1982

Jang Wook Huh
Columbia University
Black Radicalism in Korea: Overlapping Dispossessions in Afro-Korean Literary Networks, 1888-1959

Neelima Jeychandran
University of California, Los Angeles
Colonial Spaces, Postcolonial Memories: Constructing Heritage in India and Ghana

Seth LeJacq
Johns Hopkins University
“And What do You Know of the Body?”: Monitoring, Disciplining, and Caring for Sailors’ Bodies in the British Royal Navy, 1688-1783

Kara Moskowitz
Emory University
From Possibility to Postcolony: Decolonization and Development in Uasin Gishu, Kenya (1939-69)

Sylvia Mullins
Georgetown University
Holy Monstrosity: Sacred Oil in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Elizabeth Nelson
Indiana University
Timeknots: Madness, Psychiatry, and History in Belle Époque France

Kimberly Powers
University of Michigan
Articulations of Kazakh Muslimness: Marriage, Family, and Russian Imperial Authority in the Bukei Khanate, 1801-1898

Matthew Rarey
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Print Culture, Slavery, and the Performance of Power: Salvador da Bahia in Revolt, 1760-1840

Frederick Schenker
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Performing Empire: Filipino Jazz Musicians in 1920s Manila

Rafal Stepien
Columbia University
The Unity Between: Ways of Saying and Silence in Buddhism and Islam

Mirela Tanta
University of Illinois at Chicago
State Propaganda or Sites of Resistance: Socialist Realism in Romania, 1945-1989

Zita Worley
University of California, Riverside
Forbidden Fruit: Drug Prohibition and Agrarianism in 20th-Century America and Beyond

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