International Council on Interdependence for Higher Education: A Modest Proposal

Our academic knowledge environment today is disorganized and exorbitantly expensive, segmented by an array of local, redundant investments. But there now exists an opportunity to construct a new, robust, interoperable environment: never before have so many well-conceived, large-scale digital projects begun to flourish, with each of these projects representing a fundamental element of academic knowledge organization. Framing these projects as an aggregated system could advance the commonwealth of academic knowledge, while mitigating many of the constraints—debilitating costs, franchise walls, resource isolation, and idiosyncratic maintenance—we struggle with today. Is the academy ready to take on this grand, global challenge?

Panelists Charles Henry (President, CLIR), Steve Masters (Group Chief Technology Officer, Jisc), and Elliott Shore (Special Advisor to the Board, Association of Research Libraries) take up this question at the Internet2 2018 Global Summit in San Diego, May 8, and propose the creation of an International Council on Interdependence for Higher Education.

Watch the video at:

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