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CLIR Becomes Administrative Home for International Internet Preservation Consortium

CLIR has become the administrative home of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) with the move of its senior program officer, Olga Holownia, to the CLIR staff.

Founded in 2003, the IIPC is an international organization of member institutions from more than 35 countries that work to collect, preserve, and make accessible knowledge from the global web. Its activities include providing a forum for the sharing of knowledge about web archiving, collaborating on research and development projects, funding technical, curatorial, and educational projects, managing working groups, and convening the annual Web Archiving Conference and General Assembly.

In 2017, IIPC became a CLIR Affiliate and CLIR agreed to serve as the organization’s fiscal agent, but IIPC staff were hosted by the British Library until Holownia’s move to CLIR. IIPC will remain independent, and its Steering Committee and Executive Board will continue to be responsible for setting the strategy, overseeing membership, tools development, and outreach, as well as the Consortium’s key events.

“We warmly welcome Olga Holownia to the staff,” said CLIR president Charles Henry. “IIPC’s work is closely aligned with CLIR’s mission, and Olga’s presence will open new opportunities to enrich the work of both organizations.”

“We are thrilled that Olga has accepted the role of senior program officer with CLIR, after performing in a program officer role for many years through her position with the British Library,” said Abbie Grotke, IIPC Chair. “With CLIR now hosting this role in addition to other administrative host activities, the IIPC is well suited to serve its members and the broader web archiving community in the future.”

The annual IIPC Web Archiving Conference and General Assembly will take place virtually June 15–16, 2021, during Web Archiving Week 2021, and is co-organized by the National Library of Luxembourg. The conference brings together world experts in web archiving and is intended for a wide audience including archivists, curators, software developers, researchers, and anyone interested in working with digital content. The conference is free of charge. Program details can be found here.

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