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CLIR Launches New Publication Series, Appoints Editorial Committee

CLIR today issued a call for proposals (CFP) for a new publication series and announced an editorial committee to review submissions. The new series invites proposals on topics reflecting current concerns in the information and cultural heritage community and offers a stipend of $2,500 for successful proposals.

Modeled on CLIR’s “burgundy reports,” named for their cover color, the new series welcomes ideas on topics relating to traditional areas of CLIR publication—digital libraries, preservation, emerging technologies, and trends in information use—as well as proposals on topics in the information field(s) relating to social and racial justice, labor, intersectionality, accessibility, sustainability, building and maintaining community, working with sensitive materials and marginalized groups, decolonizing the field(s), and the climate crisis.

Reports will be limited in length to 50 pages and will include executive summaries and visual elements to facilitate access and navigation. All reports will be released in electronic form only and will be freely available on CLIR’s website.

The newly named editorial committee consists of:

  • Amy Hildreth Chen, medical editor, literary scholar, and former CLIR postdoctoral fellow; 
  • Jasmine Clark, digital scholarship librarian at Temple University; 
  • Matthew Kirschenbaum, professor of English and digital studies, and director of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Studies, University of Maryland; and 
  • Selena Ortega-Chiolero, museum specialist for the Chickaloon Village Traditional Council in Palmer, Alaska.

Proposals are due September 27, 2021, and decisions will be announced in December 2021. Projects will begin no earlier than January 1, 2022, and complete drafts must be submitted to CLIR by December 10, 2022. More information, including the CFP, link to the application form, and FAQ is available at


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