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CLIR Announces Pocket Burgundy Awards

CLIR Announces Pocket Burgundy Awards

The award’s second year will support four publications

CLIR today announced award recipients for its Pocket Burgundy publication series. The series, which was launched in 2021, derives its name from the deep red covers of CLIR’s traditional research reports and focuses on shorter pieces—20 to 50 pages—addressing current topics in the information and cultural heritage community.

A review committee selected the following four proposals:

Archives and Abolition: Case Studies in Aligning Values with Practices
Alison Clemens, Yale University Library
Jessica Farrell, Educopia Institute

Creating Ethical Temporary Positions in Archives: Best Practices and Case Studies
Sarah Quigley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
Angel Diaz, University of California, Santa Barbara
Alison Clemens, Yale University
Camila Tessler, Yale University
Laura Starratt, Emory University
Lauren McDaniel, Getty Research Institute
Kit Messick, Getty Research Institute
Courtney Dean, University of California, Los Angeles
Monika Lehman, Yale University
Margaret Hughes, The Huntington
Sheridan Sayles, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

An Overview of Emulation as a Preservation Method
Eric Kaltman, California State University Channel Islands
Alex Garnett, Simon Fraser University
Larry Masinter,
Winnie Schwaid-Lindner, Louisiana State University Libraries

A Survey of Archival Revolutions: Transitional Moments and Paradigmatic Shifts in Archival Enterprise, 1980-2020

Steven D. Booth, Getty Research Institute
Brenda Gunn, University of Virginia Library

Each project will receive a $2,500 subvention. Reports will be completed by December 2023 and will be published in the second and third quarters of 2024. Publications will be made available free of charge on CLIR’s website.

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