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News from CLIR Affiliates

Jan-March 2024


The Code4Lib Annual Conference is scheduled to take place this year in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from May 13 to 16. The Conference follows a single-track format, typically drawing around 400 attendees. For more details, visit the website:

The Code4Lib Journal, a refereed, open access publication, releases three to four issues annually. The most recent edition features sixteen articles covering diverse topics such as speech recognition, experiments with ChatGPT, audio-visual collections, and indexing scholarly papers. To access the latest issue and explore the archive, visit:

Day-to-day communication within the community is facilitated through a mailing list and  a Slack channel. The mailing list’s homepage is, and the Slack channel can be found at

The Code4Lib community owes much of its current form to the mailing list supported by CLIR. Originating approximately twenty years ago as a mailing list hosted at the University of Notre Dame, its initial purpose was to foster discussions on software (code) in libraries. Over time, its scope has expanded to encompass discussions on computers in libraries, boasting a subscriber base of around 3,900 people worldwide. Since 2004, the community has grown to host the Annual Conference, the Journal, the Slack channel, a jobs board, and even franchisees—Code4Lib Mid-West, Code4Lib Chicago, Code4Lib NYC, etc.

Seven or eight years ago, the LISTSERV software at Notre Dame was decommissioned, and the entire mailing list, along with its archives, was graciously migrated to CLIR. While Slack is useful, it is proprietary and demands active use. Mailing lists, particularly their message formats, are not proprietary, and as long as individuals subscribe, messages will be received; mailing lists operate as push technology. Code4Lib would not be what it is today, and participation would not be as robust, without the mailing list. Thus, it is crucial to explicitly express gratitude to the folks a CLIR, stating,”Your support has been and continues to be invaluable! Thank you!!”


Institute for Liberal Arts and Digital Scholarship Host and Dates Announced

The Institute for Liberal Arts Digital Scholarship (ILiADS) is excited to announce that its 2024 institute will be held from July 14 to 19, hosted by Pitts Theology Library at Emory University. If you have a digital scholarship project that could benefit from one week of focused attention with support from a community digital scholarship expert, consider including us in your summer plans. Our call for proposals and liaisons will be released soon; check out our website or join our mailing list to stay informed. Hope to see you there!

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Thriving Under 7-Year Hosting Relationship with CLIR

Under its 7-year hosting relationship with CLIR, the NDSA has flourished into the active volunteer alliance that it is today. NDSA is hosts multiple active interest and working groups that facilitate knowledge exchange between members and regularly publish on critical issues in digital stewardship. With a robust and engaged Leadership team undergoing healthy turnover and an annual operational planning process, NDSA has grown its large membership with expanding needs, including training, mentorship opportunities, and more avenues to convene as a community of practice.

As NDSA has evolved, so have its support needs from its organizational host. NDSA is actively seeking expressions of interest from organizations willing to host NDSA for the next five years, with an opportunity for renewal pending the agreement of both parties. For more information, refer to the full Request for Information on NDSA’s website.

The NDSA host organization will play a critical role in supporting NDSA’s ongoing activities, new projects, and publications, contributing to the national and global digital stewardship community. The host will be acknowledged in NDSA communications and at conferences and events. Additionally, representatives from the host organization will participate in NDSA leadership through membership on the Coordinating Committee and may contribute expertise by participating in NDSA working groups and working their activities.


IIPC General Assembly (GA) and Web Archiving Conference (WAC) in Paris, 24-26 April 2024

Our annual events return to Paris after 10 years and we are delighted to be working again with our colleagues at the National Library of France (BnF), the hosts of this year’s GA and WAC and one of the Consortium’s founding members. The IIPC was created on July 24, 2003 at the BnF, and what began with only 12 participating institutions now boasts members in more than 35 countries on 5 different continents. This year, we are also partnering with the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA)

With the 2024 conference, we continue to celebrate IIPC’s 20th anniversary. Our conference brings together world experts in web archiving and is intended for a wide audience including archivists, curators, software developers, researchers, and anyone interested in working with digital content.

Registration is now open and the draft program is available on the conference website:

New to the conference? Sign up for our mentoring program and get the most out of your GA and WAC experience! Look for the mentoring program sign-up when you register for the conference in ConfTool. We are very grateful to CLIR/DLF for sharing their mentoring program template with us and offering guidance.

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us at

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