IIIF Managing Director

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Consortium seeks a Managing Director to coordinate and facilitate the growing activities of the Consortium and the community it both represents and supports. The person in this role will manage the business affairs of IIIF-C, perform strategic planning, and supervise the work of other IIIF-C staff members (currently two, but with the prospect of future growth). They will work in concert with the broad, diverse and growing international community that is driving IIIF advances and adoption, help organize and implement community-based initiatives, and oversee the public presence of IIIF through community and communication channels such as the IIIF.io website, conferences and related events.

Reporting Lines: The Managing Director reports to the Executive Committee of the IIIF-C Board of Directors, a group of officers elected from the larger IIIF-C Board of Directors. (The Managing Director will serve as an ex officio member of the Board.) The Board will provide overall direction to the Managing Director; the Executive Committee will provide week-to-week contact and oversight on the business affairs of the IIIF-C; one member of the Board of Directors shall serve as a personal Mentor to the Managing Director. Organizationally, the Managing Director will be an employee of the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), which serves as the IIIF Consortium’s fiscal sponsor. As a CLIR staff member, the Managing Director will be part of an extended network of supportive colleagues, will attend quarterly staff meetings (via teleconference and in person), and will receive administrative and HR support from CLIR executives.

NB: The Managing Director will recruit a subordinate staff member in the position of Community Support and Events Officer once they have begun working for the IIIF Consortium.

Specific duties will include:

A. Coordination of efforts among elements of the IIIF community

  • Work with the IIIF-C Board and its Executive Committee, the principal committees of the IIIF community (Coordinating Committee, Editorial Committee, various Community Groups, event program committees, etc.), and the IIIF community at large, assure synergy among the various formal and informal aspects of the IIIF
  • Meet as an ex officio member of principal committees of IIIF-C
  • Communicate regularly to IIIF-C Board, Committees, and the community at large on notable developments, prospects for expansion, novel use cases, new developments in IIIF-compatible systems, regularly scheduled and exceptional meetings of interest, new members of the consortium in all categories, uses by scholars and students of IIIF, and business aspects of IIIF-C
  • Consult on IIIF strategies and standards for grants and projects seeking to become interoperable (including possibly being written into grants and projects)

B. Recruitment and retention of members of IIIF Consortium

  • Advocate for and actively recruit new institutional members of the IIIF-C among the various categories of membership (non-commercial and commercial members of all sizes), communicating & coordinating roles, responsibilities, and perquisites by and among categories of membership; work with related organization to recruit new members (e.g. Museum Computer Network & Europeana)
  • Communicate value of membership in IIIF-C through regular communication (newsletter and email) as well as in-person visits, presentations, publications and conference presentations
  •  Identify, implement and communicate specific benefits to IIIF-C members, to retain ongoing support for the community and the Consortium that supports it

C. Plan and manage IIIF conferences, workshops, and other meetings

  • Recruit institutions and venues of IIIF conferences and workshops; create multiple year schedules, including locations, local hosting, conference facilities rotating venues as possible
  • Direct and coordinate work of IIIF-C staff, committees, and volunteers in local arrangements and program for conferences, workshops, and meetings
  • Negotiate with venues for support of conferences and meetings
  • Direct IIIF-C staff in communications, registration, marketing, and advertising for conferences and meetings, and defining and retaining event sponsorships
  • Lead IIIF-C staff and volunteers in communicating results of conferences, workshops, and meetings

D. Establish and manage relationships with other organizations

  • Identify and reach out to organizations with similar or closely related missions, goals, and values in order to create and maintain supportive relationships
  • Assist commercial members of IIIF-C in support for IIIF and IIIF-C members or potential members
  • Report to IIIF and IIIF-C members progress made by collaborations with other organizations and corporate members
  • Outreach and communication to standards, industry and trade groups with a IIIF interest (including possible vendors with products or content that might be made IIIF-compatible)

E. Recruit, manage and mentor IIIF-C staff

  • Prepare proposals for staff to IIIF-C Board, including position descriptions, budgets, and recruiting plans
  • Conduct searches with search committees, interview teams, and input from IIIF community
  • Manage and mentor IIIF-C staff as needed involving IIIF-C Board members as mentors and review panels on regular bases; oversee and check on specific roles and assignments of other IIIF-C staff
  •  Assist and support IIIF-C in defining and attaining career goals
  • Work with senior CLIR staff on HR policies, procedures, and relationships

F. Manage Budgets and Document IIIF progress for Board and community

  • Prepare reports and proposals for IIIF-C Board and community
  • Prepare proposals and prospectuses for immediate and longer term advancement of IIIF in support of scholarship and teaching, but also possibly for public policy and civic uses
  • Prepare budget reports and budget proposals for IIIF-C Board coordinating with the COO of CLIR, IIIF-C’s fiscal host
  • Manage IIIF-C’s budget, within the parameters and direction set by the Board of Directors; ensure timely and clear invoicing of IIIF-C members and timely payment; identify and pursue additional revenue opportunities via grants, sponsorship and other avenues consistent with IIIF’s mission and composition, conditional on Board approval
  • Manage and oversee content and interactive elements of the IIIF website, keeping it up to date and relevant as to IIIF community’s needs and attainments

Required and Desired Skills & Experience

The ideal candidate:

  1. will understand and stay up to date on the various uses and the value of IIIF by end users, particularly scholars, students, curators, archivists, and librarians as well as their own clientele;
  2. will be self-directed and highly organized as well as capable of working with and for a membership organization;
  3. will possess well documented, demonstrated, and effective management and advocacy skills as well as relevant technical qualifications;
  4. will possess well documented, demonstrated, and effective communication skills including oral, written, and presentation capabilities;
  5. will have sufficient and demonstrated technical depth to gain both conceptual and deeper understanding of the different components in interoperable image delivery, and to work with IIIF-C committees, community members, and volunteers on a wide variety of technical abilities;
  6. will have previous experience in libraries, archives or museums; in open source, open data and/or open community efforts
  7. will comfortable and thrive in an open community with an elected board; structured committees, and respect for both aspects of structure and openness;
  8. will be adept fostering contributions and participation from a growing member and adopter base.

Travel required. Location anywhere in North America or Western Europe. Usual benefits. Salary dependent upon qualifications, though preference may go to candidates willing to re-locate to work embedded with others working on IIIF and/or related technologies.

To Apply:

Please email a resume/C.V. and cover letter to  work@clir.org.

About CLIR:

CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization that forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. CLIR is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Questions? Contact work@clir.org.