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2023 Reviewers

CLIR relies on independent reviewers and readers to provide feedback on Digitizing Hidden Collections: Amplifying Unheard Voices grant applications.

Review Panel - 2023

An independent review panel provides scores and comments based on a provided rubric and meets to decide which initial applicants will be invited to submit a full Final Application. The review panel also evaluates the final application pool and makes funding recommendations to CLIR after each application cycle. 

Dorothy Berry

Digital Curator

National Museum of African American History (US)

Amy Bhatt

Visiting Curator

Museum of History and Industry (US)
A woman smiles for a photo while posing in front of a large, colorful pink and green work of art on a wall

Makeba Dixon-Hill

Independent Consultant and Educator (US)

Karine Duhamel

Independent Consultant (CA)

Jamal Fisher

Research Librarian

National Defense Library (US)

Raymond Frogner

Head of Archives

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, University of Manitoba (CA)
A man in a black suit smiles as he poses for a portrait

Charles Henry



Dominique Luster

Independent Consultant

The Luster Company (US)

Sheila McAlister

Director, Digital Library of Georgia

University of Georgia (US)
A woman with curly hair and a red shirt smiles for a portrait

Katie McCormick

Associate Dean for Special Collections

Florida State University (US)
A person with short hair and green glasses smiles for a portrait

Cait McKinney

Assistant Professor

Simon Fraser University (CA)

Selena Ortega-Chiolero


Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (US)

Ashley Preston

Assistant Professor

Howard University (US)

Hannah Scates Kettler

Head of Digital Scholarship & Initiatives

Iowa State University (US)

Matthew L. Sisk

Associate Professor of the Practice

University of Notre Dame (US)

Stephen Spong

Director, Law Library

Western University (CA)

Kimberly Toney

Coordinating Curator for Native American and Indigenous Collections

Brown University Library (US)

Martin Tsang

Senior Program Officer

National Endowment for the Humanities (US)
Christa Williford

Christa Williford

Senior Director of Research and Assessment


Micah Zeller

Head of Scholarly Communication Services

Washington University in St. Louis (US)


Readers are responsible for reviewing a set of initial applications and providing scores and comments based on a provided rubric. Their contributions are shared with the full review panel, who meets to decide which initial applicants will be invited to submit a full Final Application.

Jennifer Garcon

Jennifer Garcon

Digital Scholarship Librarian

University of Pennsylvania (US)

Ida E. Jones

University Archivist

Morgan State University (US)

Steve Marks

Digital Preservation Librarian

University of Toronto Libraries (CA)
A woman with glasses and shoulder length hair poses in front of an image of a map

Monica L. Mercado

Assistant Professor of History

Colgate University (US)
A man in a pink collared shirt and blue cardigan smiles for a portrait

Trevor Owens

Head, Digital Content Management

Library of Congress (US)

Sandra Phoenix

Executive Director

HBCU Library Alliance (US)
A woman with blond hair and a scarf smiles for a portrait

Sarah Severson

Digital Initatives Projects Librarian

University of Alberta (US)
A man with a beard poses for a photo in front of a bookshelf

Mark David Turner

Manager of Audio-Visual Archives & Media Literacy

OKâlaKatiget Society and Nunatstiavut Government (CA)
A woman with dark hair and a light blue shirt smiles for a portrait

Lisa Uyeda

Collections Manager

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (CA)
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