A Green New Deal for Archives

Eira Tansey

July 2023. 50 pp. (electronic only)
CLIR pub 185

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Image of a muted multi-color 1944 map of the Mississippi River Meander Belt with title "A Green New Deal for Archives" title in middle of image.

A Green New Deal for Archives

Archivists preserve the records of the past for the future through their stewardship of archives. As the world moves toward a future that looks increasingly uncertain, frightening, and chaotic because of the impacts of climate change, preservation of the historical record is essential both for continuity of cultural memory and civil society, and for documentation of the ongoing permanent alteration of natural and human environments. A Green New Deal for Archives tackles the pressing challenges faced by archives globally, including the immediate and long-term risks associated with climate change and inadequate staffing. Drawing inspiration from the U.S. New Deal of the Great Depression era, author Eira Tansey proposes a public policy program that intertwines both challenges and offers a blueprint for their resolution.

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