Although the library has been less aggressive than some other public libraries in adopting new technology, there have been some notable technical accomplishments:

  • The Brooklyn Public Library has been most innovative in using technology to support individuals’ learning in formal literacy training and after-school programs for children.
  • In a system in which customized branch services are highly important in serving local needs, the library has established a twelve-station computer laboratory in the Flatbush Branch to experiment with open patron access to information technology and Internet resources at the branch level.
  • The library has begun to develop a system-wide information infrastructure in a community environment where there are no large commercial or educational organizations identified as partners. The library will use a Brooklyn Public Library World Wide Web homepage as a catalyst to network electronically with other Brooklyn institutions.

Managers are committed to the concept of library buildings as important places for their public. A recent survey by the library showed that customers value the space as well. Warm in winter and cool in summer, library buildings supply a welcome haven for the many people of Brooklyn who live in close quarters. Branches throughout the system serve large numbers of school-age children after school because their parents have come to trust the library as a safe place.

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