Strategic planning and staff training have prepared the library to expand information technology services as funding and ready partners have become available. The following initiatives are most notable.

…Recently a writer was using the Internet to research background materials on comtemporary musical groups for an article she was writing.
  • The library joined with schools, a community college, and a county vocational-technical high school to form the CamNet network (, which connects members to the Camden County Library catalog, online journals, and resources on the Internet.
  • Since December 1995 all branches have been connected to the Internet, and since mid-1996 they have used the Internet to communicate within the library system and with other CamNet members and the world.
  • The public may search the Internet from five public workstations.
  • The library’s World Wide Web homepage (, presents a view of the Camden County Library and selected information resources on the Internet selected by the library staff.