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Hardware and Software Requiremens for PCs

CamNet Hardware and Software Requirements for PCs

Computer System Configuration
Number of workstations allowed: 1 to 252

  • IBM Compatible with at least 80386 Processor t80486 or higher recommended; 32 – 64 bit provides better graphics)
  • Minimum of 4MB RAM (8MB or more recommended)
  • Fixed Disk Drive
  • High Density 5.25″ or 3.5″ (preferred) Floppy Drive
  • VGA or higher Monitor – 256 colors
  • Printer and Cable (optional)
  • DOS 5.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • Microsoft TCP/IP software (free from Camden County Library)
  • Netscape (free from Camden County Library)

Required Network Hardware

  • 16-Bit Ethernet Network Adapter Card with RJ-45 Port (lOBase-T)
    Suggested card – Intel EtherExpress Pro
    To be installed in an expansion slot within each computer workstation.
  • 10Base-T Multiport (RJ-45) Hub with AUI Backbone Link Port(s)
    This receives data frames on network and repeats (transmits) to all other connected devices.
  • Category 5 Cable for 10Base-T (4 Pair – 8 Wire) with RJ-45 Connector
    at each end. This connects Workstation 10Base-T Ethernet Adapter to
    10Base-T Hub.
  • If more than 4 computers are connected, a router MUST be installed.
    If not, you will be breaking your contract with Garden 8tate Cable
    and you will be disconnected.
  • Absolutely NO Terminators are to be used!!!

Provided by Garden State CableTV

  • Upon receipt of their signed contract and purchase order they will provide
    cable installation to your building.
  • ChannelMiser to be connected to Garden State’s Cable. They will test the
    connection from your site to Camden County Library and then it will be
    your responsibility to hook your PC (network) to the ChannelMizer.

Provided by Camden County Library (upon receipt of their signed contract)

  • IP Addresses (required for each PC)
  • CamNet Usernames and Passwords (max. 4 per site)


  • Location
    e.g., Cable drop into your building needs to be where the ChannelMiser is located. Cabling materials and distance, electricity, furniture, existing network wiring closets, etc. should be considered.
  • If you will be connecting a router to your network you may require an outside consultant to configure the router and IP addresses.


  • If you have hardware questions or problems, you may contact:
    Bruce Taylor 751-0336 or 985-1139 (Voorhees Middle School)
  • Other questions:
    Linda Babli 772-1636 x3342 (Camden County Library)
    Lori Schwabenbauer x3336 (Camden County Library)
  • Garden State Cable: 354-1880


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