CLR Case Studies–Georgetown County Library


McInvaill quotes the library’s mission as one that “expands and enriches the lives of residents by providing and promoting the use of the library system’s information, education, and recreation resources.” But he also has a vision of the public library as the people’s university, the link between the great richness of the past and the resources of tomorrow. In this context, the library has made the following strides in applying technology to serve the needs of the community’s learners of all ages.

  • Through a wide area network, the electronic text of journal articles and the library’s online catalog are made available at the central library, at both branches, and by dial-in from remote locations.
  • A strong children’s department, with outreach programs to schools and child care centers, has integrated multimedia workstations, CD-ROMs, and software with more traditional children’s library services.
  • In the main library, computer workstations for adults encourage creativity and serve people with visual or other reading disabilities.
  • In summer 1996, the library was the first and only public agency in the county with access to the Internet.