Author               Title                            Library

Babelon          Catalogue des Camees Antiques...   Columbia University

Basserman-Jordan Der Schmuck                        Library of Congress

Billing          Science of Gems                    Library of Congress

Bing             La Culture artistique en Amerique  Library of Congress

Bishop           History of Manufactures...         University of Michigan

Blanc            L'art dans la Parure...            William Allen White, KS

Burgess          Antique Jewelry and Trinkets       Library of Congress

Castellani       Antique Jewellery                  New York public Library

Clapton          Precious Stones...                 ATLA Preservation Program

Cooper           Precious Stones...                 New York Public Library

Dieulafait       Diamonds and...                    University of Chicago

Evans            Anglo-Norman Lapidaries            Library of Congress

Furtwangler      Die Antiken...                     Columbia University

Geffray          Rene Lalique                       Library of Congres

Guiffrey         Inventories de Jean Duc...         Princeton University

Healon           Brooches of Many Nations           New York public Library

Heydt            Charles F. Tiffany...              University of Michigan

Holme            Modern Design...                   Library of Congress

Jones            History and Mystery...             U.S. Geological Survey

King             Handbook of Engraved Gems...       Library of Congress

Labarte          Handbook of the Arts...            Rice University

Menant           Les pierres grav'ees...            Library of Congress

Ross             The Art of Karl Faberge...         University of Michigan

Ryley            Old Paste                          Cornell

Streeter         Great Diamonds                     U.S. Geological Survey

Streeter         Pearls and Pearling...             Library of Congress

Wigley           The Art of the Goldsmith...        U.S. Geological Survey

Wilwon           Silverwork and Jewellery           Library of Congress
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