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Structured Glossary of Technical Terms–Intro

Commission on Preservation and Access

Structured Glossary of Technical Terms


This document is offered as a structured glossary of terms associated
with the technologies of document preservation, with particular
emphasis on document media conversion technologies (often called “reformatting
technologies”), [1] and even more particularly
on the use of digital computer technologies. The Glossary also
considers technologies associated with access to such preserved documents.
Such a glossary is intended for communication among people of different
professional backgrounds, especially since in recent years there has been
a proliferation of such technologies and associated technical terms, technologies
and terms that cut across many disciplines.

The use of digital technologies, however, has implications for libraries
that extend far beyond the boundaries of preservation and of access to
preserved materials. Some of these implications are summarized in the following
discussion of “The Impact of Digital Technologies,” and are indicated throughout
the Glossary. Thus this Glossary may serve a wider purpose than the title
itself would imply.

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