LSU-Digital Collections Inventory–Appendix II


DESC: Electronic Imaging Laboratory established in 1991 to digitize special collections materials including OCR to produce a full text database. Currently scanning 90,000 historical photographs and have many other projects in process.

CONTACT: Faye Phillips, Head, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections. Louisiana State University Libraries [NOTVFP@LSUVM]

REFS: (1) Condrey, R., F. Phillips, and T. Presti. “Historical Ecology: LSU’s Electronic Imaging Laboratory.” College and Research Libraries News, 54, no.8, (Sept. 1993). (2) Martin, R.S., and F. Phillips. “Scanning Historical Documents: The Electronic Imaging Laboratory at Louisiana State University.” Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 34, no. 4 (Fall 1993): 298-301.