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American Memory-Digital Collections Inventory

Commission on Preservation and Access

Council on Library Resources

Commission on Preservation and Access

Digital Collections Inventory Report

Preliminary Results

By Patricia A. McClung
February 1996

American Memory: Library of Congress

This was the Library’s first major digitization project. More than 210,000 items from approximately 24 collections on American culture and history were digitized. After an initial test at 44 remote sites, six of these public domain collections are now available to anyone via the Internet:

  1. Selected Civil War photographs, 1861-1865
  2. Early films of San Francisco before and after the earthquake and fire, 1897- 1907
  3. Life history manuscripts from the Folklife Project, WPA Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1939
  4. Color photographs from the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information, ca. 1938-1944
  5. Early films of New York City, 1897-1906

Contact: Carl Fleischhauer, Project Director, Room LM-603, Madison Building, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 20540; 2021707-6233; World Wide Web address:

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