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CLIR Survey for Digital Cultural Heritage Initiatives

1. Organization Name:

2. DCHI Name (if different from above):

3. Contact Information:
(Contact Person)
(Organization/DCHI URL)

4. Type of DCHI (personal membership, organization membership,     consortium, federation, other):

5. Mission/Purpose:

6. Personnel directly involved with DCHI operations:
(Names, titles)

7. Governance Structure
Board Members (names, titles, institutional affiliations):

Committees, Advisory Groups, Task Forces, other:

8. Product/Service offered:

9. Relationships with other organizations:
(Names of organizations)
(Type of relationship: parent, sponsor, affiliate, member, funder,     other)

10. How did the creation of the DCHI come about?

11. Was a needs assessment conducted prior to establishing operations?       If yes, what were the results?

12. Source of Financial Support:
(Business model)
(Financial managment)

13. Sustainability Issues:
(Problems in achieving)
(Problems in sustaining)



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