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Innovation, Collaboration and Models

Proceedings of the CLIR Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives Symposium, March 2015

Cheryl Oestreicher, editor

November 2015. 217 pp. $0.
ISBN 978-1-932326-54-3
CLIR pub 169

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This is a web-only report-it is not available in print.

This volume documents the capstone event to the seven-year Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives program, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The two-day symposium and unconference brought together more than 180 participants, including many past and current grant recipients. In the proceedings, more than 20 symposium presenters examine inter-institutional collaboration, student and faculty involvement, cataloging, arrangement and description, audiovisual collections, science collections, and outreach.

Innovation, Collaboration and Models-Proceedings of the CLIR Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives Symposium, March 2015, published by the Council on Library and Information Resources, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License with the exception of the epilogue, “Hidden Collections for Everyone,” which is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Content in this list is in the same sequence as in the full report

Message from the Editor, Cheryl Oestreicher

Hidden No More, Amy Lucko and Christa Williford
View video on Hidden Collections Program >>

Introductory Remarks, March 13, 2015, Charles Henry

Keynote Address: Parting the Waters: CLIR’s Pathways into the ArchiveJacqueline Goldsby
View video of Keynote >>

Symposium Presentations

Presentation Abstracts


All History is Local: Expanding Access to American Jewish Archival Collections, Susan Malbin, Laura Leone, Rachel Miller, Rachel Harrison, Sarah Ponichtera, Christine McEvilly, and Kevin Schlottmann

International Collaboration to Reveal Rare Chinese Materials Hidden for Half a Century, Zhijia Shen and Jing Liu

The Challenges of Sustaining a Long-Term Collaboration: Reflections on the Philadelphia Hidden Collections Projects, David McKnight and Eric Pumroy

Student and Faculty Involvement

Maximizing Partnerships: Faculty Buy-in, Service Learning, and Hidden Collections, Christopher Harter and Elisabeth McMahon

Collaboration and Education: Engaging High School Students with EAC-CPF ResearchValerie Addonizio and Christopher Case

Engaging Students in Complex Description: Two CLIR Hidden Collections Projects, Lois Fischer Black, Ilhan Citak, Gregory A. Edwards, and Andrew Stahlhut

The “Deceased” Preaches His Own Eulogy: Training Students to Provide Access Points on Discovery-Level Records, Felicia Piscitelli, Lisa Furubotten, Anton duPlessis, Alma Beatriz Rivera-Aguilera, and Ángel Villaba Roldán


Obstacles and Solutions in Establishing Cataloging Standards for Fine Print Collections, Katharine Malcolm and Christen Runge

The Churchill Weavers Collection: An American Treasure Uncovered, Jennifer Spence

Pennsylvania German Textile Cataloging, Candace Perry

Arrangement and Description

The Benefits of Planning: Cataloging the Vertical Files of the Anton Brees Carillon Library, Joy M. Banks and Jaime L. Fogel

Discovering the Future: The New York World’s Fair Collections of 1939 and 1964 at the Museum of the City of New York and Queens Museum, Annie Tummino

Preserving a Montana Senator’s Image: The Lee Metcalf Photograph and Film Collections Project, Matthew M. Peek

Audiovisual Collections

Accelerating Exposure of Audiovisual Collections: What’s Next? Karen Cariani, Sadie Roosa, Jack Brighton, and Brian Graney

Putting Archival Audiovisual Media into Context: An Archival Approach to Processing Mixed-Media Manuscript Collections, Megan McShea

Science Collections

The Opportunities of Engagement: Working with Scholars to Improve Description and Access at thewordp Center for the History of Medicine, Emily R. Novak Gustainis

The Practice of Privacy, Emily R. Novak Gustainis and Phoebe Evans Letocha

Grinnell to GUIDs: Connecting Natural Science Archives and Specimens, Christina Fidler, Barbara Mathé, Rusty Russell, and Russell D. “Tim” White


Opening up the Urban Archive: Digital Outreach to Urban Studies Scholars, Morgan Gieringer and Jaime Janda

Success Beyond Access: CLIR-ing the Way, Harlan Greene, Dale Rosengarten, and Amy Lazarus

Concluding Remarks, William Noel
View video of concluding remarks >>

Epilogue: Hidden Collections for Everyone, Michael Peter Edson

APPENDIX 1: Unconference Summaries and Group Notes (link to Googledocs)

Data Tools

Workshop Session: Using Open Refine to Clean and Gather Data, Daniel Johnson

Workshop Session: Quick Tools for Visualizing Collections Information Geographically, Mitch Fraas

Discussion Session 3: GIS Mapping as an Access Tool, John Zarrillo


Workshop Session: Description at Scale: Working with DPLA, Amy Rudersdorf

Discussion Session 1: Replicable and Scalable Metadata Methodologies, Jackie Dooley

Discussion Session 2: Sustainability of Web Presence, Karen Cariani and Jack Brighton

Discussion Session 3: The Challenge of Rich Media: Best Practices for User-Contributed Metadata, Sadie Roosa, Mark Cooper, Mark Williams, and Karen Cariani


Discussion Session 1: Collaborating between the Public and Private Sectors, Ramsay Thurber

Discussion Session 3: Sustainability of Collaborations, Margery Sly and Katie Rawson


Workshop Session: Using Special Collections for K-12 Students, Tamar Dougherty

Discussion Session 1: Building an Inclusive Community of Archival Practice, Jack McCarthy and Celia Caust-Ellenbogen

Discussion Session 1: Alt-Archives: Community Based Video Collections, Rachel Mattson, Yvonne Ng, and Rebecca Fraimow

Promoting Collections

Discussion Session 2: Cataloging and Promoting Collections, Jordan Patty

Discussion Session 2: Working with Wikipedia, Annie Johnson


Discussion Session 2: The Living Donor and Archives: Strategies, Benefits, and Challenge, Stephanie Maxwell


Discussion Session 3: Assessment and Evaluation of Projects, Naomi Steinberger and Christa Williford

APPENDIX 2: Posters

Link to posters >>

APPENDIX 3: Learning at Work in the Archives: The Impact of Access to Primary Sources on Teaching and Learning

Kelly Miller and Michelle Morton
Link to paper >>

 This is a web-only report-it is not available in print.

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