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Summaries of Task Force Meetings

Deanna B. Marcum, President of CLIR, opened the five task force discussions, and James Morris, CLIR vice president, led the discussions. Each meeting began with a restatement of the rationale for the task forces: to ensure that libraries and archives continue to meet the research needs of scholars in the new digital environment. CLIR and the ACLS are convening groups of scholars, librarians, and administrators to discuss how scholarly resources will be used in the future and what impediments may arise to impair their use.

This report summarizes the group’s concerns and makes recommendations about actions to be taken by librarians, archivists, and others to ensure continued access to research materials in a variety of media for use by teachers, students, and researchers. The process of preparing the report began with summaries of the individual task force discussions which were distributed electronically on a closed listserv. Task force members commented on and expanded this draft. On June 30, 1998, CLIR convened all five groups for the plenary session, and this report reflects this gathering as well as the five task force meetings. The following informal summaries of the task force meetings give a sense of the range of topics and the disparate views. The recurring themes have been extracted and worked into recommendations for further action.

Area Studies
Audio Materials
Manuscript Materials
Monographs and Journals
Visual Materials
Plenary Meeting

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