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White Paper on Electronic Journal Usage Statistics

pub94. White Paper on Electronic Journal Usage Statistics
Judy Luther
(10/00, 31pp) $15 (print)
ISBN 1-887334-79-3

Electronic journals represent a significant and growing part of the academic library’s offerings. As demand for e-journals increases, librarians are faced with a new set of decisions related to acquisitions and services. Librarians require statistics on usage, and in the electronic realm, such statistics must come from the publishers.

CLIR commissioned Judy Luther to review how and what statistics are currently collected and to identify the issues that must be resolved before librarians and publishers feel comfortable with the data and confident in using them. In her extensive interviews with librarians and publishers, the author found significant common ground on the types of concerns held. The paper suggests a context for further discussion between the providers and consumers of electronic journals.

The intent of the White Paper is to provide a basis for discussion among publishers, librarians, and aggregators that will lead to effective cooperation in collecting and analyzing usage statistics. CLIR and the author welcome readers’ comments on the White Paper and other contributions to the discussion.

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