CLIR 2008 Sponsors’ Symposium

Emerging Fields of Study: New Research, Environments, and Credentials

December 10, 2008
Cosmos Club, Washington D.C.

During the past decade, research in every academic discipline has undergone transformational change. The appearance of grid computing alone has facilitated projects in the sciences of unprecedented scale and collaborative sophistication. Less known are the often-astonishing changes in the humanities.

The 2008 CLIR Symposium focused on several aspects of what is frequently referred to as “digital humanities scholarship.” Presentations described some of the intriguing interdisciplinary work that incorporates scientific analysis techniques and objects of medieval studies, the impact of technology on traditional disciplinary structures, and the questions and opportunities that arise when old models are discarded. In addition, the symposium offered insights into new programs that have been designed to accelerate disciplinary change using new digital resources and tools, and fresh approaches to the training of humanists in this new era.

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