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Inquiries about publication orders should be directed to Lizzi Albert.
Permission requests should be directed to Kathlin Smith.


Lizzi.jpgLizzi Albert
Administrative Coordinator
(202) 939-4755
e-mail name: lalbert

Alice_b.jpgAlice Anderson Bishop
Special Projects Associate
(202) 939-4763
e-mail name: abishop

Rachel2.jpgRachel L. Frick
Digital Library Federation Program

e-mail name: rfrick

Chuck3.jpgCharles Henry

e-mail name: chenry

Sharon2.jpgSharon Ivy Weiss
Chief Operating Officer
(202) 939-4756
e-mail name: sivy

Louisa2.jpgLouisa Kwasigroch
Senior Program Associate, Digital Library Federation Program
(202) 939-4758
e-mail name: lkwasigroch

Brian3.jpgBrian Leney
Publications Manager
(202) 939-4760
e-mail name: bleney

Amy2.jpgAmy Lucko
Director of Program Data and Statistics
(202) 939-4757
e-mail name: alucko

Kathlin2.jpgKathlin Smith
Director of Communications
(202) 939-4754
e-mail name: ksmith

Rita2.jpgRita Van Duinen
Curriculum and Research Strategist
(919) 933-1706
e-mail name: rvanduinen

Christa2.jpgChrista Williford
Director of Research
and Assessment

e-mail name: cwilliford

Jena2.jpgJena Winberry
Program Officer
(202) 939-4753
e-mail name: jwinberry


CLIR Distinguished Presidential Fellows

Stephen G. Nichols
James M. Beall Professor Emeritus of French & Humanities and Research Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Bethany Nowviskie
Director, Scholars' Lab and department of Digital Research & Scholarship, University of Virginia Library
Special Advisor to the Provost in support of digital humanities initiatives

Elliott Shore
Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries
Professor of History, Bryn Mawr College

John Unsworth
Vice Provost, University Librarian, and Chief Information Officer
Brandeis University