CLIR Issues Number 48

Number 48 • November/December 2005 Contents CLIR Launches New Agenda by Nancy Davenport Asking for Access by Kathlin Smith CLIR Welcomes New Staff and Consultant

Geneva Henry Named Distinguished Fellow

subject: DLF digital library federation Geneva Henry DLF Services Framework CLIR Press Releases For Immediate Release: November 30, 2005 Contact: David Seaman dseaman@clir.org 202-939-4762 Geneva

CLIR Issues Number 47

Number 47 • September/October 2005 Contents Print-Repository Effort Under Way at UCLA and Harvard by John Kiplinger, Director of Production, JSTOR The Strains of a

CLIR Issues Number 46

Number 46 • July/August 2005 Contents American Literature E-Scholarship: A Revolution in the Making by Kathlin Smith The Promise and Problems of Digital Scholarship by

CLIR Issues Number 45

Number 45 • May/June 2005 Contents Preparing for Universal Access by Kathlin Smith DLF Aquifer: Tapping New Sources for Scholarship by Katherine Kott CLIR Welcomes

CLIR Board Elects New Members

subject: DLF digital library federation Katherine Kott AquiferCLIR Press ReleasesFor Immediate Release: May 9, 2005 Contact: Kathlin Smith 202-939-4754 CLIR Board Elects New Members Washington,

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