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CLIR Names 2016 Mellon Dissertation Fellows

Contact: Kathlin Smith

Washington, DC, April 5, 2016-Sixteen graduate students have been selected to receive awards this year under the Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources program, which CLIR administers.

The fellowships are intended to help graduate students in the humanities and related social science fields pursue research wherever relevant sources are available; gain skill and creativity in using primary source materials in libraries, archives, museums, and related repositories; and provide suggestions to CLIR about how such source materials can be made more accessible and useful.

The fellowships carry stipends of up to $25,000 each to support dissertation research for periods ranging from nine to twelve months.

Elham Bakhtary**
Amir Sher Ali’s Lithographic Challenge to the Wahhabi Movement
George Washington University

Alice Baumgartner
Fugitives: The Underground Railroad to Mexico
Yale University

Chelsea Berry
Poisoned Relations: Medicine, Sorcery, and Poison Trials in the Greater Caribbean, 1690-1850
Georgetown University

Eladio Bobadilla
From “Wetback Invasion” to “One People without Borders”: Mexican Americans and Undocumented Immigrants, 1954-1994
Duke University

Huiying Chen
Show Me the Way: Culture, Commerce, and Politics of the Road in Eighteenth Century China
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rebecca Egli
“The World of Our Dreams:” Agricultural Explorers and the Promise of American Science
University of California, Davis

Jennifer Gaugler
The Architecture of the Archive, the Museum, and the Heritage Site in Rwanda
University of California, Berkeley

Devon Golaszewski
Reproductive Labors: West African Reproductive Expertise and Biomedical Legibility
Columbia University

William Kelly
Revolución es [Re]construir: Housing Reform in the Cuban Revolution, 1960-1989
Rutgers University

Isidora Miranda
Tagalog Zarzuelas and Musical Nationalism in Early Twentieth-Century Manila, 1902 to 1935
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Danya Pilgrim
Gastronomic Alchemy: How Black Philadelphia Caterers Transformed Taste into Capital, 1790-1925
Yale University

Caroline Radesky
Feeling Historical: Same-sex Desire and the Politics of History, 1880-1920
University of Iowa

Marian Smith
Reconstructing a Timurid Cosmopolitanism: Abd Allah Hātifī’s Tīmūrnāmeh in the Cultural Production of Early Modern Eurasia
University of Michigan

Rory Sykes
“We Are All Fedayeen”: Palestinian National Identity and the Image Archive, 1967-1982
Northwestern University

Kena Wani
Communication Satellites and the Pursuit of Outer Space in Post-Colonial India, 1960-79
Duke University

Rachel Welsh
Proof in the Body: Ordeal, Justice, and the Physical Manifestation of Truth in Medieval Iberia, c. 1050-1300
New York University

**Elham Bakhtary is the recipient of the CLIR/Library of Congress Mellon Dissertation Fellowship award.

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