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Share Your COVID-19 Story With CLIR

COVID (Re)Collections is a new series from CLIR exploring responses to the COVID-19 pandemic by the library, cultural heritage, and information community. You can access these stories here

We are interested in the challenges COVID-19 has posed to you and/or your workplace, and how you are responding to them. How has the situation affected your colleagues, students, researchers, and the other communities you support? How has the pandemic caused you to view and approach your work differently? What do you think is the lasting impact of COVID-19 on the field and on you as an individual? What are the responsibilities of cultural heritage and information workers now and moving forward? 

By collecting these stories, we hope to further the conversation on how our field is responding to this historic challenge. We aim to create a platform for individuals and institutions to process and share their experiences—to help us support each other as we collectively adapt, grieve, and regrow.  

If you are interested in volunteering a short piece, fill out this form. CLIR accepts stories in a variety of formats including but not limited to blog posts, videos, audio files, and images. Blog posts and other writing should be 400-800 words; video and audio files should be under 3 minutes. You can also volunteer to be interviewed about your experience by a CLIR staff member—we recognize that not everyone has the capacity to submit a polished piece at this moment in time. After completing the form, staff will be in touch to discuss your proposed piece. Questions can be sent to


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