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CLIR to Serve as Fiscal Host for ILiADS

CLIR has signed an agreement with the Institute for Liberal Arts Digital Scholarship (ILiADS) to serve as its fiscal host. ILiADS is a network of individuals, expertise, and projects that demonstrate the scholarly and pedagogical impact of the digital liberal arts.

ILiADSLaunched at Hamilton College in 2015, with initial funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, ILiADS began as a collaboration among a few liberal arts colleges and universities. Each year, ILiADS offers a weeklong institute for intensive collaboration among project teams comprising researchers, librarians, technologists, and students. Teams build upon established digital pedagogy or scholarship projects, or launch new ones. To date, more than 40 institutions have sent 60 teams to the institute, which is supported by a network of institutional sponsors.

As fiscal host, CLIR will manage banking for the organization and will be responsible for processing payments, accounting, and financial reporting. ILiADS will remain independent and be responsible for communicating with its academic partners, sponsors, and steering committee, and for managing the annual institutes.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for ILiADS,” said Megan Kudzia, digital scholarship librarian at Michigan State University and chair of ILiADS’ steering committee. “We expect our new relationship with CLIR to provide stability for the organization by making it significantly easier to host each summer’s institute. We are also excited about the increased level of transparency we will be able to offer the ILiADS community and our Academic Partners regarding ILiADS’ fiscal situation. We are delighted to be joining the community of CLIR affiliates.”

In recent years, CLIR has entered into similar arrangements, called affiliations, with other organizations. CLIR currently serves as fiscal or administrative host for code4lib, International Image Interoperability Framework, International Internet Preservation Consortium, National Digital Stewardship Alliance, and Open Repositories, in addition to ILiADS.

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