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Digitizing Hidden Collections Travel Awards

The travel awards application for the 2022 Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives Symposium closed on May 31, 2022. Recipients will be notified of their award status in early July.  

About the Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium

The CLIR Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium will bring together grantees from more than 100 projects funded by the program since 2015. At the day-and-a-half-long conference, attendees will share experiences, reflect on the current state and future potential of digitization practice, and ask “what’s next?”

About the Travel Awards

CLIR is committed to supporting grant recipients and community members that require support to participate in the Symposium. Anyone currently or formerly involved in a Digitizing Hidden Collections grant project is eligible to apply. Non-grantees are also welcome to apply. Presenters, students, contingent workers, and community members who receive no other sources of professional development support will be prioritized. More than 50 awards will be distributed. 

Travel awards for the Symposium will include:

  • A stipend of up to $1,200 to be used towards transportation, accommodations, and food
  • A complimentary registration for the Digitizing Hidden Collection Symposium ($200 value)


CLIR is delighted to announce the recipients of the Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium Travel Award:

  • Richard Amelung
  • Joy Banks
  • Vincent Barraza
  • Idris Brewster
  • Caroline Carrico
  • Meaghan Cash
  • Joanne DeCaro
  • Andrea Degener
  • Jina DuVernay
  • Allison Fashing
  • Brenda Flora
  • Jaime Fogel
  • David Giblin
  • Jamie Henricks
  • Joyce Herleth
  • Elizabeth Knott
  • Sheldon Krasowski
  • DeLisa Minor Harris
  • Sarah Noonan
  • Matthew Norwood
  • Brandon Owens
  • Annabel Pinkney
  • Max Prud’homme
  • Dave Rice
  • Gabe Rosales
  • Alexis Rowland
  • Catriona Schlosser
  • Hilary Schroeder
  • Rachel Senese
  • Adrienne Serra
  • Joana Stillwell
  • Martin Tsang
  • Lisa Vallen
  • Mariela Villalba
  • Miranda Villesvik
  • Gabriella Williams
  • Lerin Williams
  • Elaine Yip

To Apply

The application for travel awards closed on May 31, 2022. 

As part of the application process, you will be asked for the following information.

  • Resumé, CV, or professional profile
  • Statement of Interest: (500 words or less) Share why you’re interested in attending the Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium. Highlight any involvement with Hidden Collections grant projects and share what you’re hoping to learn from / bring to the event.
  • Statement of financial need: (500 words or less) If your institutional support is limited, you are a student, or if you’re in-between jobs, let us know how an award will help by providing a brief explanation of your financial need.
  • Budget: All applicants are asked to propose the amount of their travel stipend based on estimated costs to travel from your location to Baltimore, MD. (This helps us provide more awards to more individuals!) Estimate generously with the knowledge that travel costs are rising! Maximum request: $1,200.00
    • Estimated cost of transportation:
    • Estimated cost of food + other travel expenses:
    • Estimated cost of lodgings:
    • Estimated cost of gratuity for hotel services staff:
    • Total:

You can read more about the travel award categories below. Applicants may apply to be considered in as many categories as they are eligible for, but will receive only one award. Multiple individuals from a single Digitizing Hidden Collections project team may apply for and receive awards. 

Note: travel award eligibility is restricted to applicants living in Canada or the United States and its territories.

Award Categories

Digitizing Hidden Collections Grantees (2015-2020 projects) 
Those who have worked on a Digitizing Hidden Collections project between 2015 and 2022 may apply. This includes project leads, grant-funded staff and other project staff, as well as community partners. See the program’s list of funded projects to confirm project title and year prior to applying. 

Amplifying Unheard Voices Grantees (2022 projects) 
Those working on newly awarded Digitizing Hidden Collections: Amplifying Unheard Voices grants may apply. See Cohort 1 funded projects.

Students & New Professionals
Current students and new professionals (those who have been in the profession of digital libraries, archives, or museums (LAMs) for fewer than five years) interested in digitization, archival collections, social justice, and/or digital libraries may apply for funding to attend the conference. Those without connections to CLIR or Digitizing Hidden Collections are welcome to apply, and will be asked to describe their interest in the event. 

Review Panelists 
The program’s independent review panel makes funding recommendations each year, and has been integral in shaping the Hidden Collections program. Those who have served as reviewers are welcome to apply for travel support to attend the conference. 

Interested Members of the Wider Community 
Those who are interested in attending the conference but not affiliated with a Hidden Collections grant project may apply. The planning committee is especially interested in supporting those in contingent positions and those doing work that “amplifies unheard voices” in archives. 

The Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium Travel Award Committee, comprised of community volunteers, will make award decisions. Applicants will be notified of their status by the end of June.


Will awards be limited to one per grantee/grant project?
No—multiple individuals may apply to represent a single organization or project.

Will any awards be open to non-grantees?
Yes! Select the category “Interested Member of the Wider Community” and/or “Students & New Professionals” when applying.

Who will select recipients?
Members of the event’s planning committee

Will funds be distributed before or after the event?
Funds will be distributed prior to the conference. Awardees will not need to provide receipts to CLIR.

If I’m working on a current Hidden Collections grant, may I use grant funds to support conference attendance?
Grantees are welcome to use award funds already allocated for conference expenses to attend this event. If conference funds are not in your budget but you anticipate having funds left over in other categories, get in touch with the grants team at to ask about submitting a modification request

What happens if I receive an award, am issued funds, and then am unable to attend?
In the event that you’re unable to attend the conference, please view the “Cancellation Policies” section of CLIR’s Travel & Expense Policy. Any funds not expended should be returned to the address shown in the document.

Will I know whether or not I have received a travel award with enough time to withdraw my proposal if my attendance is predicted on receiving an award?
Yes, applicants will be made aware of their travel award status with enough time to withdraw their proposal if they need to.


If you have any questions contact

The Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives program and the 2022 Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives Symposium are made possible through the generous support of The Mellon Foundation. Sign up for the CLIR grants mailing list or follow us on Twitter to receive updates on the event throughout 2022.

If you have any questions contact

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