About the 2022 Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium

The 2022 Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium invited those who have participated in the program’s more than 80 funded projects to build on their collective experiences. The event created opportunities for reflection on the current state and future potential of digitization practice in collecting institutions, including how the digital cultural record can better reflect the diversity of human thought and experience, how law and ethics affect strategies for access, and how technologies and standards can improve discovery and learning.

The symposium, which was open to the public, was the third in-person gathering related to CLIR’s Hidden Collections programs. Read the Proceedings of the 2015 Symposium, which was the capstone event to the seven-year Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives program, and view the agenda from the 2010 meeting.

Erie Canal Museum
Image courtesy of Eerie Canal Museum, 2015 recipient

Our Logo

Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium

Branding for the 2022 Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium was designed by Obsesso Processo, and inspired by the textures and patterns of collections digitized with support from the program.

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