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Cataloging Hidden Collections Reports

Templates and Resources

Reporting Components

All Cataloging Hidden Collections grant recipients must use CLIR’s annual report form to submit their required interim and final project reports. (If you have not previously submitted a Cataloging Hidden Collections report through WizeHive, you will need to enter an e-mail address and password under “Signup” to create a new account. Please be sure to save these credentials to submit any future reports). Each report must include a financial statement created using CLIR’s Excel templateCLIR’s report form outline (in Microsoft Word format) is designed to help recipients prepare their reports, although all reports must be submitted via the online form. A sample financial report (in PDF format) is provided to show how financial reports should be properly filled out. Financial reports that do not meet these guidelines will require revisions.

Getting Started

An outline of CLIR’s web-based annual report form is available in the report form outline (.doc). Recipients can prepare their responses using the outline before completing the online form, which cannot be saved in progress. In their responses to the prompts, recipients should describe and assess their achievements during the reporting period and explain how grant funds were used for project activities. The final report should describe activities during the final reporting period, and should also include an overall assessment of the project. Please note that interim and final reports cannot be accepted without a clear account of all expenditures and variances.

Financial Reporting 

Recipients must upload a financial report spreadsheet every time they submit a report to CLIR. This spreadsheet must be prepared using CLIR’s financial report form, and must include:

  • The original signature of an institutional financial officer and date of the signature;

  • The amount of accrued interest income;
  • The original amount of the award;

  • A column showing the same categories that appeared in the approved proposal budget;

  • A column showing the expected budget for the reporting period;

  • An accounting of expenditures during the reporting period of both the grant funds and interest earned;

  • A column showing the variance between the budgeted and actual expenses during the reporting period;
  • A column showing the expected budget for the overall project;
  • An accounting of expenditures during the overall project of both the grant funds and interest earned.
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