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The Problem of Data: Data Management and Curation Practices Among University Researchers

For more suggestions of funding sources relevant to special, archival, and museum collections, see:

State and Federal Grant Resources (Society of American Archivists)

Funding Opportunities (Northeast Document Conservation Center)



Activities supported

NEH Division of Preservation and Access

Humanities Collections and Reference Resources 7/20/17 These grants support planning and implementation of activities such as digitization, cataloging, arrangement and description, and conservation treatment of humanities collections. Support may also be requested to create reference works
such as databases, virtual collections, historical dictionaries, encyclopedias, and tools for spatial analysis and representation. Projects may encompass collections of books, journals, manuscript and archival materials, maps, still
and moving images, sound recordings, art, material culture, and born-digital sources held by libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage repositories.
Common Heritage 5/11/17 America’s heritage is preserved in all our communities, families, and life stories. Recognizing the need to preserve and understand our American cultural heritage, this grant program supports community events to digitize historical materials
and public programming to interpret community experiences, histories, and identities. Common Heritage recognizes the invaluable contribution of the public, in partnership with libraries, museums, archives, and historical organizations,
to our cultural mosaic.
Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections 12/1/16 This grant program focuses on preventive care of humanities collections in ways that are cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally sensitive. Planning and implementation projects assist cultural heritage institutions in meeting
institution-specific preservation goals by mitigating the greatest risks to collections such as environmental conditions, water, theft, and fire.
Research and Development Projects June 2016 The Research and Development program addresses challenges to preserving and providing access to cultural heritage materials, from fragile artifacts and manuscripts, to audiovisual and digital assets. Tier I projects support planning for
large-scale projects, as well as standalone basic research projects such as case studies, experiments, and tool development. Tier II projects support the advanced implementation or applied research to develop standards, practices,
methodologies, or workflows. Research and Development promotes interdisciplinary participation across fields in the humanities and sciences.
Preservation and Access Education and Training 5/2/17 This program supports broad-reaching education efforts that inform cultural heritage workers about current practices and issues affecting the preservation of and access to humanities collections. Awards support Master’s-level graduate
programs in preservation and collections care; mid-career training workshops and symposia; and regional preservation field services for the staff of cultural organizations.
Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions 5/2/17 This category has been designed for small and mid-size institutions to enhance their capacity to care for their humanities collections. Grants support preservation assessments, consultations with a preservation professional to address
a specific preservation problem or to create a disaster response plan, attendance at preservation workshops, and the purchase of basic storage supplies or equipment.
Access to Historical Records 4/4/16 The Commission supports such activities as processing archival collections (including records in all formats) at the basic or detailed levels, preservation activities on audiovisual or born-digital materials, converting existing archival
collection finding aids to new online formats, and selective digitization of processed materials.
Digital Dissemination of Archival Collections 8/3/15 The Commission seeks proposals that use cost-effective methods to digitize nationally significant historical records collections and make the digital versions freely available online. In addition, applicants can explore ways to increase
public engagement by using crowd sourcing, tagging, and other activities.
Publishing Historical Records in Documentary Editions 4/4/16 The Commission seeks proposals to publish documentary editions of historical records, with a preference that material be placed online.
Literacy and Engagement with Historical Records 8/3/15 The Commission seeks projects that encourage citizen engagement with historical records, especially those available online, and/or projects that train people on how to enhance digital literacy skills for using historical records. The development
of new online tools for literacy and engagement is highly encouraged.
Museums for America 12/1/15 Program to support museums in three project categories: Learning Experiences (developing educational opportunities), Community Anchors (providing expertise, knowledge, physical space, technology, and other resources to create a better
life within the surrounding community), and Collections Stewardship.
Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian 9/1/16 This program supports projects to develop faculty and library leaders, to recruit and educate the next generation of librarians, to conduct research on the library profession, and to support early career research on any area of library
and information science by tenure-track, untenured faculty in graduate schools of library and information science. It also supports projects to encourage careers in librarianship, to build institutional capacity in graduate schools
of library and information science, and to assist in the professional development of librarians and library staff.
National Leadership Grants for Libraries 9/1/16 National Leadership Grants support projects that address challenges faced by the museum, library, and/or archive fields and that have the potential to advance practice in those fields. Successful proposals will seek innovative responses
to the challenge(s) identified in the proposals, and will have national impact. See also: Sparks! Ignition.
National Leadership Grants for Museums 12/1/15 National Leadership Grants (NLG) for Museums support projects that address current and future needs of the museum field and that have the potential to advance practice in the profession so that museums can improve services for the American
public. Successful proposals will generate results such as models, new tools, research findings, services, practices, and/or alliances that can be widely used, adapted, scaled, or replicated to extend and leverage the benefits of federal
investment. See also: Sparks! Ignition.
AAM Museum Assessment Program July 1 In less than a year, your museum can complete a self-study, have a site visit by a peer reviewer and begin implementing recommendations.
Sparks! Ignition 2/15/16 Up to $25K to test approaches such as exploring the potential of highly original, experimental collaborations; implementing new workflows or processes with potential for substantial cost savings; testing new metrics or methods to measure
the impact of promising tools or services; rapid prototyping and testing of new types of software tools, or creating useful new ways to link separate software applications used in libraries, archives, or museums; offering innovative
new types of services or service options to museum, library, or archive visitors; or enhancing institutions’ abilities to interact with audiences in new ways to promote learning or improve services, such as through the deployment of
innovative crowd-sourcing techniques. This initiative is part of the National Leadership Grants programs.
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