CLIR Annual Report: 2000 – 2001


advisory groups

Academic Library Advisory Committee

Nicholas C. Burckel
Marquette University

David Cohen, Chairman
College of Charleston

Connie V. Dowell
San Diego State University

Michael Haeuser
Gustavus Adolphus College

Victoria L. Hanawalt
Reed College

CLIR Task Force on the Role of the Artifact in Library Collections

Francis X. Blouin
The University of Michigan

Bernard Cerquiglini
Institut national de la langue française

Rebecca S. Chopp
Emory University

Sheldon Hackney
University of Pennsylvania

Charles Méla
Université de Genève

Stephen G. Nichols, Chairman
Johns Hopkins University

James J. O’Donnell
University of Pennsylvania

Henry Petroski
Duke University

Abby Smith
Council on Library and Information Resources

Sarah Thomas
Cornell University

John Unsworth
University of Virginia

Nancy Vickers
Bryn Mawr College

Steve Wheatley
American Council of Learned Societies

Karin Wittenborg
University of Virginia

Pauline Yu
University of California, Los Angeles

Web-Based Preservation Tutorials Advisory Committee

Marianna Tax Choldin
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
University of Illinois

John Dean
Cornell University

Alan Feinstein
The Toyota Foundation, Japan

Anne R. Kenney
Council on Library and Information Resources

Deanna B. Marcum, Chairman
Council on Library and Information Resources

Mark Roosa
Library of Congress

Ch’ng Kim See
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff
Bibliotheque nationale de France

Celia Ribeiro Zaher
Fundação Biblioteca Nacional Ministério da Cultura, Brazil

DLF Steering Committee

Scott Bennett
Yale University

Harold W. Billings
University of Texas at Austin

L. Reynolds Cahoon*
National Archives

Jerry D. Campbell
University of Southern California

Nancy Cline
Harvard University

Barbara Dewey
University of Tennessee

Nancy Eaton, Chairman
Pennsylvania State University

William A. Gosling
University of Michigan

Joan I. Gotwals
Emory University

Daniel Greenstein (ex officio)
Digital Library Federation

Paula Kaufman
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Michael A. Keller
Stanford University

Thomas Leonard
University of California, Berkeley

Clifford Lynch*
Coalition for Networked Information

Deanna B. Marcum
Council on Library and Information Resources

James Michalko*
Research Libraries Group

Paul H. Mosher
University of Pennsylvania

Donald Muccino*
OCLC, Inc.

Susan K. Nutter
North Carolina State University

John Ober
California Digital Library

Martin D. Runkle
University of Chicago

Gloriana St. Clair
Carnegie Mellon University

Thomas W. Shaughnessy
University of Minnesota

Elaine Sloan
Columbia University

Winston Tabb
Library of Congress

Sarah E. Thomas
Cornell University

Suzanne Thorin
Indiana University

Karin Trainer
Princeton University

William D. Walker
New York Public Library

Lizabeth Wilson
University of Washington

Karin Wittenborg
University of Virginia

* indicates DLF Allies

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