CLIR Annual Report: 1998 – 1999

CLIR Annual Report: 1998 – 1999

Letter from the Chairman

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) was formed by the merger of the Council of Library Resources (CLR) and the Commission on Preservation and Access, and it continues the work of these two important organizations. The merged Board—representing public and university research libraries, publishers and distributors of information resources, and university leaders who represent scholars and students—has worked with President Deanna Marcum and the program officers of the Council to shape an agenda that integrates the concerns of CLR and the Commission.

CLIR continues to be the catalyst for projects, such as the new Frye Leadership Institute to be held at Emory University, to educate and develop leaders for the libraries of the future. It continues to sponsor research on preservation, now mostly focused on digital formats, to convene national commissions and task forces to deal with issues raised by preservation, such as the treatment of original materials that have been preserved by copying or digitization, and to disseminate the results of these studies in well-edited and beautifully printed pamphlets.

CLIR is not a membership organization, although a large number of academic institutions and major public libraries sponsor it. Rather, CLIR is an independent organization dedicated to improving the management of information for research and for teaching and learning. Preservation, access, library systems, leadership, the education of information managers, and national information policy are all interests that CLIR pursues to accomplish its basic goal. The enthusiastic support it receives from the institutions that support scholarship, teaching, and learning in this country and the many collaborations it has with foreign institutions demonstrate the value of its work.

The Board is extremely proud of the work done by President Marcum and the exceptional staff of CLIR. The annual report indicates that they have established a firm financial basis for their work, and the list of projects shows the broad range of their activities. CLIR is not a sleepy place, even if it honors the tradition of being a quiet one.

Stanley Chodorow

Chairman of the Board

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