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Public Libraries, Communities, and Technology: Twelve Case Studies


 Twelve Case Studies

Libraries, Communities, and Technology

Council on Library Resources
November 1996

cleadot.gif Recently, the Council has been interested in addressing
the challenges public libraries face in an era of information revolution
and the implications of these challenges for the education of the
library profession. With a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation,
it has established a program to take a closer look at public libraries
and determine the most useful avenues for developing leaders, building
networks within the library and information science communities,
and strengthening the dialog among the people who use and support
public libraries.Within this Kellogg program, the Council has gathered information
on public libraries that have developed particularly innovative
services, that use emerging technologies to serve the local community,
or that have been influential in addressing public policy for information
services in their communities. In the long term, the Council plans
to use the information gathered to guide the development of programs
that will enhance library leadership.Supported by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Public Libraries, Communities,
and Technology Project

Analysis of the Case Studies

Case Studies
Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn,
New York
Broward County Library, Fort
Lauderdale, Florida
Camden County Library, Voorhees,
New Jersey
Cedar Falls Public Library,
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg
, Charlotte, North Carolina
Jefferson-Madison Regional Library,
, Virginia
Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland,
Georgetown County Library, Georgetown,
South Carolina
Livingston County Library, Chillicothe,
Mid-Peninsula Library Cooperative,
Iron Mountain, Michigan
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Seattle Public Library, Seattle,
Letter to Public Libraries, June 2, 1995
Selected Library Statistics
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