CLR Case Studies–Livingston County Library

Technical Infrastructure

The library offers two public access workstations, which are used primarily for Internet access. These workstations are “homemade” 386-level PCs that have been upgraded to Pentium class. A local trust fund is donating money for two Pentium Pro/200 machines that will also be designated for public use. The library uses a 56KB leased line to connect to the Internet through MOREnet, which is the local Internet provider. The library’s homepage resides on the Green Hills Telephone Corporation (one of the eight rural telephone companies in RAIN) World Wide Web server in Chillicothe. The library maintains its catalog on a LISTEN system (St. Charles City County Library’s system). Patrons may use the catalog on eight public terminals in the library or through dial-in. The library makes periodicals in electronic form available to users through the EBSCOhost online service. One local area network connects the automated circulation and catalog system, and another connects the Peer to Peer Network that provides the Internet feed.