European Commission on Preservation and Access, Amsterdam
October 1997

6. Cooperation and exchange of information

Digitization projects pose new technical and organizational tasks for libraries and archives. Each institution must develop the expertise to plan and carry out digitization projects. Securing competent advice from qualified and experienced service providers is thus strongly recommended. At the same time, institutions involved in questions of digitization should exchange information. This will contribute to adequate market evaluation of the potential of the service providers and to a judgement about the financial violability of what they are offering. Moreover, in addition to the exchange of experiences, there should be early contact with other institutions that are planning or have carried out similar projects, to remedy one’s own practical shortcomings. At the least, for the time being, institutions supporting digitization projects should insist on full reporting and ensure that the reports reach the professional public. Finally, a grounding in digitization should be a part of all library and archival training and development.

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