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Contents and front matter

Jewelry History: A Core Bibliography in Support of Preservation

by Christine De Bow Klein
Fall 1991 Intern
February 1992

Notes for the electronic edition: This text was scanned, subjected to optical character recognition, corrected, and reformatted by Walter Henry, Summer 1993. Despite extensive corrections, an extremely high error-rate in the scanned text renders this edition “suspect” and it should not be considered authoritative; for critical work, please consult the printed edition. Errors in the original text have, for the most part been left in place.

The intent of this project, conducted as an internship toward a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Catholic University of America, was to create a core bibliography in support of preservation of scholarly jewelry research, and to encourage the interest and involvement of jewelry historians, appraisers, professionals, collectors and connoisseurs in preservation initiatives.

Table of Contents

Implications of the Core Bibliography
Summary (of Bibliography by Publication Date and Number of Reprints (chart)
Microfilmed Titles (chart)
Criteria for Preservation Selection
Fiscal Value and Illustrating Examples for Bibliography (chart)
Strategies to Make a Difference
Libraries with Significant Holdings
The Core Bibliography

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