Task Force on Digital Archiving-Digital Collections Inventory

Commission on Preservation and Access

Council on Library Resources

Commission on Preservation and Access

Digital Collections Inventory Report

Preliminary Results

By Patricia A. McClung
February 1996

RLG/CPA Task Force on Digital Archiving

In December 1994, the Commission on Preservation and Access and the Research Libraries Group created this task force to investigate the means of ensuring “continued access indefinitely into the future of records stored in digital electronic form.” The task force included individuals drawn from industry, museums, archives and libraries, publishers, scholarly societies and government. They were charged with framing the problems that need to be resolved, defining the critical issues, recommending actions, and consider alternatives to technology refreshing. The draft report was submitted in the fall of 1995, and is available at: http://www-rlg.stanford.edu/ArchTF/

Contact: Don Waters, Task Force Co-chair, donald_waters@yale.edu; 2031432- 1824.