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Survey Respondents


University of Chicago
Columbia University
Cornell University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Michigan State University
New York University
Ohio State University
Stanford University
Syracuse University
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Michigan
University of Missouri, Kansas City
University of Texas at Austin
University of Washington
Yale University

Oberlin Group Libraries2

Albion College
Alma College
Amherst College
Augustana College
Austin College
Bates College
Baylor University
Beloit College
Bowdoin College
Bryn Mawr College
Carleton College
Claremont College
Colgate University
Davidson College
Denison College
Dickinson College
Franklin & Marshall College
Grinnell College
Hamilton College
Haverford College
Hope College
Lawrence University
Marquette University
Mt. Holyoke College
Oberlin College
Reed College
Rollins College
St. John’s College
Scott College
Sewanee University
Simmons College
Skidmore College
Smith College
Trinity University
Vassar College
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Wheaton College
Whitman College
Whittier College
Willamette University
Williams College


1 Received 27 responses from 18 libraries. Five institutions filed more than one questionnaire.

2 Received 55 completed electronic questionnaires from 51 institutions. Two institutions filed two questionnaires from separate units. Twelve institutions answered the questionnaire but did not identify themselves.


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