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All URLs were valid as of September 15, 2006

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URLs of e-Journal Archiving Programs Reviewed



KB e-Depot.



LOCKSS Alliance.




Ontario Scholars Portal.


PubMed Central.

URLs of Other Resources Noted in This Report

aDORe Archive. Overview at

Archival Workshop on Ingest, Identification, and Certification Standards (AWIICS).

Archiving and Interchange DTD. National Center for Biotechnology Information. National Library of Medicine.

Certification of Digital Archives.

Cornell University Library Research and Assessment Services Department.

COUNTER Codes of Practice.

Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources.

Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS).

Digital Resource Commons.


DROID (Digital Record Object Identification).


JHOVE-JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment.

NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System.

National Library of New Zealand Metadata Extraction Tool Version 1.0.

RLG-NARA Digital Repository Certification Task Force.


XENA (XML Electronic Normalizing of Archives).


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